Suffolk University has been unleashing the potential of promising students since 1906, when founder Gleason Archer first taught evening law classes to working adults in his Roxbury home. In its earliest incarnation, Suffolk was a beacon of hope to immigrants and others trying to better their lives through education.

Suffolk’s Beacon Hill presence dates back to 1914, when the Law School opened its first building at 45 Mount Vernon Street. The University’s College of Arts and Sciences was founded in 1934 to ensure equality of opportunity for working people seeking a college education. That was followed in 1937 by the University’s newest professional department, a school of management that stressed the value of combining educational theory with work experience and would in 1995 become the Sawyer Business School.

Suffolk’s presence grew along Temple Street on Beacon Hill and, in recent decades, along Tremont and lower Washington streets in Boston’s downtown corridor. Today, the University’s location in the heart of Boston positions us at the crossroads of city and state government and ties us to Boston’s business, legal, and cultural communities, giving our students extraordinary access to experiential learning, research opportunities, and internships. Students experience the pulse of the city in an urban campus without boundaries. Our urban environment also extends to Madrid, where Suffolk students can study for a semester or as long as two years. With bases in two of the world’s great cities, Suffolk is truly a university whose students become global citizens.

Suffolk University was founded on the principle that educational opportunity should not be reserved for the wealthy. The University today remains committed to offering an affordable and high-quality education that provides paths to success for people of all economic backgrounds. At a time when rising costs of higher education nationally have created financial burdens for many students and their families, Suffolk University seeks to ease those burdens and provide economic value by operating according to sound financial practices and focusing on those areas and programs that most benefit our students.

+ Mission

Suffolk University is a talent catalyst that recognizes and develops student potential. Leveraging our location in the heart of Boston, our faculty, staff, and alumni work together to provide a student-centered experience.  This diverse community builds on its dedication and excellence in education and scholarship to empower graduates to be successful locally, regionally, and globally.

+ Vision

Suffolk University will be recognized as a dynamic institution that fosters engaged learning, rigorous scholarship, innovative thinking, and community collaboration across disciplines.

We will ensure that Suffolk graduates are versatile and prepared for modern society and the new world market. We will provide rich curricula, experiential learning opportunities, and professional mentoring through increased collaboration with alumni and community partners. We will recruit, mentor, and support a diverse faculty of teacher-scholars who are passionately committed to preparing our students to be leaders in the global community. We will inspire investment in a Suffolk community that is built on ethical, forward-thinking leadership, teamwork, and cooperation.