This strategic plan sets a clear direction for the University. It embraces our history as a student-centered institution focused on developing student potential. It emphasizes our commitment to excellence in teaching and scholarship and bringing innovation to the learning experience. The core values laid out in the plan are Suffolk values. The strategic imperatives within the plan provide critical focus and will be the driver for resource allocation and budget decisions.

The plan, however, is only the beginning. It can only work if it is linked to specific, measurable goals and strategies. These specific, measurable goals and strategies will be presented in a series of annual Implementation Plans, which will serve as essential companions to the overall Strategic Plan. Signaling both the importance of these annual implementation plans and Suffolk’s commitment to moving ahead immediately on each of the “Strategic Initiatives” presented above, we are releasing our first annual Implementation Plan simultaneously with the release of this Strategic Plan. We commit to the release of subsequent annual implementation plans, and we invite all constituencies interested in the future success of Suffolk University to participate actively as we develop and implement these plans. Constant input and reactions from all concerned with Suffolk’s future are essential if the mode of continuous decision-oriented planning we have adopted is to succeed.