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Date Summaries

The summaries of cases for oral argument were prepared by Marc G. Perlin, Professor of Law at Suffolk University Law School. The summaries are not an official part of the court proceedings, and are presented so that those who access the website will have a general understanding of the legal issues in the cases set for oral argument.

Commonwealth v. Denehy
Criminal-- Various issues arising out of a conviction for assault with a dangerous weapon, including whether a judge’s order of restitution violated the defendant’s right to have a jury determine issues of fact.

Commonwealth v. Canti
Criminal; Evidence-- In a jury trial for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor, whether a police officer may testify that in his opinion, the defendant was operating under the influence, was impaired, and his ability to drive was diminished.


Tobin v. State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board
Mosquito Control Districts-- Whether the State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board has the authority to block salary increases approved by the Bristol County Mosquito Control District.


Commonwealth v. Mogelinski
Juvenile Delinquency-- Various issues involving juvenile delinquency, including whether a defendant may be indicted as a youthful offender where a delinquency complaint had issued before the defendant reached the age of 18.


Commonwealth v. Gray
No summary available.


Commonwealth v. Brown
Criminal-- The defendant is appealing the denial of a motion for post-conviction relief after a drug conviction.


Schifano v. Razzaboni
Supplementary Process-- In this superintendence petition, a judgment debtor is seeking relief from a District Court supplementary process order holding him in contempt for non-payment.


Pepin v. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
  (Reserve Case)
Administrative Law-- The plaintiffs are appealing a decision under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act designating their land as a priority habitat for protected species.

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This webcast is made available to the general public for informational purposes only and does not constitute an official record of court proceedings.

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