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Welcome to the SJC Oral Argument Webcast Archive Page. Here you may review all Supreme Judicial Court arguments that have already been broadcast.  You may locate oral arguments by date, case title or docket number.  Archives of each argument should be available within four business days of the court proceedings.

 Case Name List  See All Cases by Case Name
Case Name List  See All Cases by Docket Number
2012 Cases


  Adoption of Meaghan  
  Barr Incorporated v. Town of Holliston  
  Commonwealth v. Anestal  
  Commonwealth v. Brown  
  Commonwealth v. McCauliff  
  Commonwealth v. Milot  
  Commonwealth v. Negron  
  Commonwealth v. Norris  
  Commonwealth v. Pena  
  Commonwealth v. Washington W., a juvenile  
  Cruz v. Commonwealth  
  Denver Street LLC v. Town of Saugus  
  In the Matter of Bott  
  Marcus v. City of Newton  
  Massachusetts State Police Commissioned Officers Association v. Commonwealth  
  Melia v. Zenhire, Inc.  
  New England Internet Cafe, LLC v. Clerk of Suffolk County Superior Court for Criminal Business  
  St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Western Massachusetts, Inc. v. Fire Department of Springfield  
  Schoeller v. Board of Registration of Funeral Directors and Embalmers  


  Cater v. Bednarek  
  Commonwealth v. Barbosa  
  Commonwealth v. Bolling  
  Commonwealth v. Dotson  
  Commonwealth v. Gonzalez  
  Commonwealth v. McDonald  
  Commonwealth v. Morales  
  Commonwealth v. Muller  
  Commonwealth v. Phim  
  Commonwealth v. Portillo  
  Commonwealth v. Roby  
  Commonwealth v. Roderiques  
  Libertarian Association of Massachusetts v. Secretary of the Commonwealth  
  Police Department of Boston v. Kavaleski  
  Smith v. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority  
  Souza v. Registrar of Motor Vehicles  
  Turner v. City of Boston  
  Vizcaino v. Commonwealth  


  American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 93, AFL-CIO v. School Department of Burlington  
  Boazova v. Safety Insurance Company  
  Commonwealth v. Bresnahan  
  Commonwealth v. Fico  
  Commonwealth v. Fitzpatrick  
  Commonwealth v. Greene  
  Commonwealth v. Hunt  
  Commonwealth v. Johnson  
  Commonwealth v. Marshall  
  Commonwealth v. Mortimer  
  Commonwealth v. Nanny  
  Commonwealth v. Porter  
  Commonwealth v. Tapia  
  Commonwealth v. Vasquez  
  Commonwealth v. Williamson  
  Ellis v. Department of Industrial Accidents  
  Garrity v. Conservation Commission of Hingham  
  Murphy v. Massachusetts Turnpike Authority  
  Parreira v. Commonwealth  
  Surabian Realty Company, Inc. v. NGM Insurance Company  


  Commonwealth v. Entwhistle  
  Commonwealth v. Johnson  
  Commonwealth v. Lane  
  Commonwealth v. Ortiz  
  Commonwealth v. Szlachta  
  Commonwealth v. Tobias T., a juvenile  
  Commonwealth v. Vicente V., a juvenile  
  Costa v. Brait Builders Corporation  
  Creative Playthings Franchising Corporation v. Reiser  
  Elia-Warnken v. Elia  
  Erickson v. Commonwealth  
  Gangi v. Commonwealth  
  Go-Best Assets Limited v. Citizens Bank of Massachusetts  
  Impounded Case  
  In the Matter of the Enforcement of a Subpoena  
  LeBlanc v. Logan Hilton Joint Venture  
  McCarthy v. Slade Associates, Inc.  
  Northeast Energy Partners, LLC v. Mahar Regional School District  
  Ray v. Commonwealth  


  Anderson v. BNY Mellon, N.A.  
  Boston Medical Center Corporation v. Secretary of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services  
  Bridgewater State University Foundation v. Board of Assessors of Bridgewater  
  Commonwealth v. Bright  
  Commonwealth v. Carey  
  Commonwealth v. Delacruz  
  Commonwealth v. Mendes  
  Commonwealth v. Moe  
  Commonwealth v. Mountry  
  Commonwealth v. Walczak  
  Flynn v. Coakley  
  Gorbatova v. Semuels  
  Hunter v. Rose  
  LaChance v. Commissioner of Correction  
  Lopez v. Commonwealth  
  Marabello v. Boston Bark Corporation  
  Murphy v. Contributory Retirement Appeal Board  
  Temple Emanuel of Newton v. Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination  


  September 2012 oral arguments not webcast due to technical difficulties.


  Azubuko v. Boston Public Schools  
  Azubuko v. Commonwealth  
  Azubuko v. Registry of Motor Vehicles  
  Chambers v. Gold Medal Bakery, Inc.  
  Clair v. Clair  
  Commonwealth v. Bins  
  Commonwealth v. Charles  
  Commonwealth v. Figueroa  
  Commonwealth v. Gray  
  Commonwealth v. Harris  
  Commonwealth v. Jordan  
  Commonwealth v. Kelsey  
  Commonwealth v. Leng  
  Commonwealth v. McGowan  
  Commonwealth v. Morales  
  commonwealth v. Perella  
  Commonwealth v. Reyes  
  Commonwealth v. Scott  
  Commonwealth v. Yardley Y., a juvenile  
  Greenberg v. City of Worcester  
  Jones v. Boykan (SJC-11095)  
  Jones v. Boykan (SJC-11276)  
  L.J.S. v. J.E.S.  
  Metropolitan Life Insurance Company v. Cotter  
  O'Neill v. School Committee of North Brookfield  
  Rivas v. Chelsea Housing Authority  
  Rockland Trust Company v. Attorney General  
  Shapiro v. City of Worcester  
  White v. Hartigan  


  Ardon v. Committee for Public Counsel Services  
  Azubuko v. City of Boston  
  Commonwealth v. Ahart  
  Commonwealth v. Azubuko  
  Commonwealth v. Benitez  
  Commonwealth v. Greineder  
  Commonwealth v. Hardy  
  Commonwealth v. Jules  
  Commonwealth v. Loring  
  Commonwealth v. Montoya  
  Commonwealth v. Platt  
  Commonwealth v. Robideau  
  Commonwealth v. Romero  
  Commonwealth v. Spencer  
  Commonwealth v. Winfield  
  Dixon v. City of Malden  
  E.C.O. v. Compton  
  Edwards, petitioner  
  Gorbatova v. First Assistant Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court for the County of Suffolk  
  HipSaver, Inc. v. Kiel  
  Mahajan v. Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection  
  Metropolitan Life Insurance Company v. Cotter  
  Morales v. Morales  
  Premier Capital LLC v. KMZ, Inc.  
  Reading Co-Operative Bank v. Suffolk Construction Company, Inc.  
  Serrazina v. Springfield Public Schools  
  Tyler v. Michaels Stores, Inc.  


  Azubuko v. Commonwealth (SJC-11255)  
  Bar Counsel v. Farber  
  Clark v. Board of Registration of Social Workers  
  Commonwealth v. Alicea  
  Commonwealth v. Butler  
  Commonwealth v. Carr  
  Commonwealth v. Castillo  
  Commonwealth v. Daniel  
  Commonwealth v. Hanson H., a juvenile  
  Commonwealth v. Jackson  
  Commonwealth v. Pacheco  
  Commonwealth v. Palmer  
  Commonwealth v. Roy  
  Commonwealth v. Tatum  
  DeWolfe v. Hingham Centre, Ltd.  
  Evans v. Lorillard Tobacco Company  
  Feeney v. Dell, Inc.  
  GMAC Mortgage, LLC v. First American Title Insurance Company  
  Machado v. System4 LLC  



This webcast is made available to the general public for informational purposes only and does not constitute an official record of court proceedings.

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