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Welcome to the SJC Oral Argument Webcast Archive Page. Here you may review all Supreme Judicial Court arguments that have already been broadcast.  You may locate oral arguments by date, case title or docket number.  Archives of each argument should be available within four business days of the court proceedings.

 Case Name List  See All Cases by Case Name
Case Name List  See All Cases by Docket Number
2008 Cases


  Aspinall v. Philip Morris, Inc.  
  Boone v. Commerce Insurance Company  
  Cahaly v. Benistar Property Exchange Trust  
  Commonwealth v. Austin A.  
  Commonwealth v. Bostock  
  Commonwealth v. Brown  
  Commonwealth v. Dubois 
  Commonwealth v. Glacken 
  Commonwealth v. Kendall  
  Commonwealth v. Stephens
  Commonwealth v. Williams (SJC-09382) 
  Commonwealth v. Williams (SJC-09530)  
  Cooper v. CVS Pharmacy  
  Draper v. Burke  
  Duarte v. Commissioner of Revenue  
  eVineyard Retail Sales, Massachusetts, Inc. v. Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission  
  Giancostas v. Interface Group Massachusetts, Inc.  
  In the Matter of the Discipline of an Attorney  
  Martin v. Commonwealth  
  Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company v. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Inc.  
  Pierce v. Department of Corrections  


  Bank v. Thermo Elemental, Inc.  
  Board of Appeals of the City of Woburn v. Housing Appeals Committee  
  Commonwealth v. Anthony  
  Commonwealth v. Betances  
  Commonwealth v. Colleran 
  Commonwealth v. Figueroa 
  Commonwealth v. Lora  
  Commonwealth v. Lucero  
  Commonwealth v. Lykus  
  Commonwealth v. Nassar  
  Commonwealth v. Tavares  
  Commonwealth v. Thomas 
  Edge v. Commonwealth  
  Iannacchino v. Ford Motor Company  
  Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority v. City of Somerville  
  Taylor v. Board of Appeals of Lexington  
  Taylor v. Housing Appeals Committee  
  Town of Hingham v. Department of Housing and Community Development  
  Town of Wrentham v. West Wrentham Village, LLC  
  Wenger v. Aceto  
  Zoning Board of Appeals of Canton v. Housing Appeals Committee  
  Zoning Board of Appeals of Groton v. Housing Appeals Committee


  Anusavice v. Board of Registration in Dentistry  
  Bell Atlantic Mobile of Massachusetts Corporation, Ltd. v. Commissioner of Revenue  
  Charron v. Amaral
  Commonwealth v. Dias  
  Commonwealth v. Lebeau 
  Commonwealth v. Ora  
  Commonwealth v. Robinson  
  Commonwealth v. Sanders 
  Commonwealth v. Sherman  
  Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company v. Arbella Mutual Insurance Company  
  Furtado v. Town of Plymouth  
  In the Matter of Kafkas  
  Kennie v. Natural Resource Department of Dennis  
  Matsuyama v. Birnbaum  
  Milliken & Company v. Duro Textiles, LLC  
  Moss's Case  
  Renzi v. Paredes  
  Rothman v. Trister  
  Sheriff of Suffolk County v. Jail Officers and Employees of Suffolk County  
  Watson v. Appeals Court  
  WB&T Mortgage Company, Inc. v. Board of Assessors of Boston  


  Chief Justice Edward Hennessey Memorial 
  Ciampi v. Commissioner of Correction  
  City of Somerville v. Somerville Municipal Employees Association 
  Commonwealth v. Benoit  
  Commonwealth v. Biagiotti  
  Commonwealth v. Burnham 
  Commonwealth v. Gonzales  
  Commonwealth v. Lopez  
  Commonwealth v. Nesbitt  
  Correia v.Fagan  
  Graham v. Commonwealth  
  Hershman-Tcherepnin v. Tcherepnin  
  In the Matter of Brauer  
  Liu v. Moynihan  
  Moelis v. Berkshire Life Insurance Company
  Northwestern District Attorney v. Eastern Hampshire District Court  
  NPS LLC v. Minihane   
  O'Connor v. Redstone  
  Pelonzi v. Beverly Retirement Board  
  Stevenson v. Cafasso Properties  
  Sweenie v. A.L. Prime Energy Consultants  
  Weems v. Citigroup Inc.  


  81 Spooner Road, LLC v. Town of Brookline  
  Bradston Associates, LLC v. Suffolk County Sheriff's Department  
  Carney v. Attorney General  
  Citizens Committee for Judicial Oversight and Governmental Reform v. Attorney General  
  Commonwealth v. Alvarado  
  Commonwealth v. Arroyo  
  Commonwealth v. Clemente  
  Commonwealth v. Donohue  
  Commonwealth v. Goewey  
  Commonwealth v. Hendricks  
  Commonwealth v. Nardi  
  Commonwealth v. Olsen  
  Commonwealth v. White  
  Flomenbaum v. Commonwealth  
  In the Matter of Murphy  
  Justice Martha Sosman Memorial  
  L.M. v. R.L.R.  
  Macrelli v. Children's Hospital  
  McMenimen v. Passatempo  
  New Habitat, Inc. v. Tax Collector of Cambridge  
  Newton-Wellesley Hospital v. Magrini  
  Nystedt v. Munroe  
  Powell v. Jones  
  Salvas v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
  Thurdin v. SEI Boston, LLC  


  Bar Counsel v. Johnson  
  Bedell v. Bedell  
  Bisazza's Case
  Breakiron v. Gudonis  
  Brown v. F.L. Roberts & Co., Inc.  
  Commerce Insurance Co., Inc. v. Ultimate Livery Service, Inc.  
  Commonwealth v. Almeida  
  Commonwealth v. Boyarsky  
  Commonwealth v. Haith  
  Commonwealth v. Healy  
  Commonwealth v. Huynh  
  Commonwealth v. Love  
  Commonwealth v. Santiago  
  Desy v. Board of Bar Examiners  
  Doe, Sex Offender Registry Board no. 89230 v. Sex Offender Registry Board  
  LeMaitre v. Massachusetts Turnpike Authority  
  Maher v. Quincy Retirement Board  
  Mitchell v. Board of Bar Examiners  
  Mullally v. Waste Management of Massachusetts, Inc.  
  Pavian, Inc. v. Hickey  
  Saab v. Massachusetts CVS Pharmacy LLC  
  Seideman v. City of Newton  


  Attorney General v. Department of Public Utilities  
  Boston Housing Authority v. Bridgewaters  
  Capital One Bank v. Commissioner of Revenue  
  Commonwealth v. Benson  
  Commonwealth v. Dery  
  Commonwealth v. Fremont Investment & Loan  
  Commonwealth v. Mateo-German
  Commonwealth v. Mercado  
  Commonwealth v. Morgan  
  Commonwealth v. Nattoo  
  Commonwealth v. Nicoll  
  Commonwealth v. Phillips  
  Conkey v. Commonwealth  
  Doe, Sex Offender Registry Board no. 15606 v. Sex Offender Registry Board  
  Finn v. National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  
  Geoffrey, Inc. v. Commissioner of Revenue  
  Justice Francis P. O'Connor Memorial  
  Mancuso v. Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association  
  North American Expositions Company Limited Partnership v. Corcoran  
  Owens v. City of Boston (SJC-09987)  
  Pierce v. Morrison Mahoney LLP  
  Sellers' Case  


  Commissioner of Revenue v. Comcast Corporation  
  Commonwealth v. Arana  
  Commonwealth v. Augello  
  Commonwealth v. Clark  
  Commonwealth v. Cowen  
  Commonwealth v. Diaz  
  Commonwealth v. Druce  
  Commonwealth v. Kaupp  
  Commonwealth v. Powell  
  Commonwealth v. Whitman  
  Commonwealth v. Zanetti  
  Gossels v. Fleet National Bank  
  Impounded Case  
  In the Matter of Angwafo  
  In the Matter of Balliro
  Kaplan v. Board of Registration in Public Accountancy  
  Kenniston v. Department of Youth Services  
  Owens v. City of Boston (SJC-10073)  
  Petrell v. Shaw  
  Providence and Worcester Railroad Company v. Energy Facilities Siting Board  
  Watson v. Dorchester District Court  
  Watson v. McRae  


  CFM Buckley/North, LLC v. Board of Assessors of Greenfield  
  City of Boston v. Commonwealth Employment Relations Board  
  Commonwealth v. Eggleston  
  Commonwealth v. Gallant (SJC-10194)  
  Commonwealth v. Medina  
  Commonwealth v. Morales  
  Commonwealth v. Pina  
  Commonwealth v. Pires  
  Commonwealth v. Ruiz  
  Commonwealth v. Tolan  
  Commonwealth v. Townsend  
  Commonwealth v. Williams  
  Costa v. Fall River Housing Authority  
  Everett v. The 357 Corporation  
  Gates v. Reilly  
  Heavey v. Maloof  
  In the Matter of a Grand Jury Investigation  
  In the Matter of Osagiede  
  John Adams Nursing Home, LLC v. Board of Assessors of Quincy  
  John T. Callahan & Sons, Inc. v. Worcester Insurance Company  
  Johnston v. Box
  Kitras v. Planning Board of Aquinnah  
  Krafchuk v. Planning Board of Ipswich  
  Longmeadow of Taunton, LLC v. Board of Assessors of Taunton  
  Retirement Board of Salem v. Contributory Retirement Appeal Board  



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