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Welcome to the SJC Oral Argument Webcast Archive Page. Here you may review all Supreme Judicial Court arguments that have already been broadcast.  You may locate oral arguments by date, case title or docket number.  Archives of each argument should be available within four business days of the court proceedings.

 Case Name List  See All Cases by Case Name
Case Name List  See All Cases by Docket Number
2007 Cases

  Cabot Corporation v. AVX Corporation  
  Commonwealth v. Cannon 
  Commonwealth v. Carlino
  Commonwealth v. Carlson  
  Commonwealth v. Hernandez  
  Commonwealth v. Laguer  
  Commonwealth v. Pring-Wilson  
  Commonwealth v. Silva  
  Commonwealth v. Simmons  
  Commonwealth v. Smith 
  Fleet National Bank v. Commissioner of Revenue  
  Fournier v. Commissioner of Department of Revenue  
  Hoffer v. Board of Registration in Medicine 
  In the Matter of Franchitto 
  In the Matter of McBride
  In the Matter of the Discipline of an Attorney
  In the Matter of the Trusts under the Will of Crabtree  
  Lambert v. Fleet National Bank  
  Longval v. Department of Correction  
  Maimaron v. Commonwealth  
  Maitland v. Board of Registration in Medicine  
  Salisbury Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc. v. Division of Administrative Law Appeals  

  Chandanais v. Commonwealth  
  Commonwealth v. Braley 
  Commonwealth v. Brown  
  Commonwealth v. Colon
  Commonwealth v. Colturi  
  Commonwealth v. Dillon D., a juvenile  
  Commonwealth v. Kerns  
  Commonwealth v. Madigan  
  Commonwealth v. Morgan 
  Commonwealth v. Thomas  
  Daveiga v. Boston Public Health Commission  
  Eagle-Tribune Publishing Company v. Abascal  
  Maffei v. Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston  
  Miller v. Cotter  
  Murphy v. Boston Herald, Inc.  
  O'Brien v. Pearson  
  Patterson v. Paul  
  School Committee of Hudson v. Massachusetts Board of Education  


  Boston Housing Authority v. Garcia  
  Care and Protection of Sophie  
  Carter v. Lynn Housing Authority  
  Commonwealth v. Depeiza  
  Commonwealth v. Fuentes  
  Commonwealth v. Guthrie G., a juvenile  
  Commonwealth v. Hines  
  Commonwealth v. Knowles  
  Commonwealth v. Novo 
  Commonwealth v. Ogden O., a juvenile  
  Commonwealth v. Philip Morris Inc.  
  Commonwealth v. Robinson 
  In the Matter of Slavitt  
  In the Matter of Steinberg 
  In the Matter of Strigler  
  Kettenbach v. Board of Bar Overseers  
  Lowell Housing Authority v. Melendez  
  Metaxas v. Chalupowski  
  Suffolk Construction Company, Inc. v. Division of Capital Asset Management  
  Suliveres v. Commonwealth  
  Town of Middleborough v. Housing Appeals Committee  


  Afarian v. Massachusetts Electric Company  
  Andrews v. Bridgewater State Hospital 
  Azubuko v. Commonwealth 
  Billings v. GTFM, LLC 
  Birudavol v. Board of Registration in Medicine  
  Bortolotti v. Hayden  
  Cioch v. Treasurer of Ludlow 
  Commonwealth v. Kee  
  Commonwealth v. Millican  
  Commonwealth v. Pelletier 
  Commonwealth v. Saletino  
  Commonwealth v. Sykes  
  Devine v. Town of Nantucket  
  DSCI Corporation v. Department of Telecommunications and Energy  
  Impounded Case  
  In the Matter of Carnahan 
  In the Matter of the Discipline of an Attorney 
  Kippenberger v. Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine  
  Masingill v. EMC Corporation  
  McGregor v. AllAmerica Insurance Company  
  Sommer v. Maharaj  
  Terra Nova Insurance Company v. Fray-Witzer  
  Trustees of Health and Hospitals of the City of Boston, Inc. v. Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination  


  Allmerica Financial Corporation v. Syndicate 1212  
  Baldyga v. Dudley District Court 
  Bernier v. Bernier  
  Boothroyd v. Zoning Board of Appeals of Amherst  
  Commonwealth v. Alfonso  
  Commonwealth v. Caillot 
  Commonwealth v. Cousin 
  Commonwealth v. Guisti  
  Commonwealth v. Sargent  
  Commonwealth v. Valerio  
  Commonwealth v. Washington  
  Coombes v. Florio  
  Cummings Properties, LLC v. National Communications Corporation  
  Hamel v. Board of Registration of Funeral Directors and Embalmers  
  Hanover Insurance Company v. Rapo & Jepsen Insurance Services, inc.  
  Impounded Case  
  In the Matter of LiBassi  
  In the Matter of Moore  
  In the Matter of Request for Investigation of an Attorney 
  In the Matter of Sheridan  
  Massachusetts Insurers Insolvency Fund v. Premier Insurance Company  
  Sperounes v. Farese, trustee  


  Allen v. Boston Redevelopment Authority  
  Attorney General v. Commissioner of Insurance  
  Cimini v. Cimini  
  City of Cambridge v. Department of Telecommunications and Energy  
  Commonwealth v. Cabrera  
  Commonwealth v. Disler  
  Commonwealth Electric Company v. MacCardell  
  Commonwealth v. Ewing  
  Commonwealth v. Hinds 
  Commonwealth v. Kenney  
  Commonwealth v. Oxford Street Realty
  Commonwealth v. Rebello 
  Commonwealth v. Robidoux 
  Commonwealth v. Stewart 
  Fordham v. Butera  
  General Convention of the New Jerusalem in the United States of America, Inc. v. MacKenzie  
  Koe v. Mercer  
  Oyster Creek Preservation, Inc. v. Harwich Conservation Commission  
  T&D Video, Inc. v. City of Revere  


  Commonwealth v. Blache  
  Commonwealth v. Burton 
  Commonwealth v. De'Amicis  
  Commonwealth v. Francis 
  Commonwealth v. Hilton  
  Commonwealth v. Lao  
  Commonwealth v. Ly  
  Commonwealth v. Powell 
  Commonwealth v. Rodriguez  
  Commonwealth v. Ronald R., a juvenile  
  Commonwealth v. Smith 
  Commonwealth v. Urban  
  Costello v. Zoning Board of Appeals of Lexington  
  Fifield v. Board of Zoning Appeals of Cambridge  
  In the Matter of Crossen  
  In the Matter of Curry  
  In the Matter of Hilary
  Jepson v. Zoning Board of Appeals of Ipswich  
  Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority v. Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination  


  Alves's Case
  Audoire v. Clients' Security Board  
  Caplan v. Donovan
  Carter v. Lynn Housing Authority  
  City of Boston v. Erickson  
  Committee for Health Care for Massachusetts v. Secretary of the Commonwealth  
  Commonwealth v. Burgess (SJC-09473) 
  Commonwealth v. Espada 
  Commonwealth v. Holliday 
  Commonwealth v. Montez 
  Commonwealth v. Murungu  
  Commonwealth v. Stuckich  
  Doe, Sex Offender Registry Board no. 8725 v. Sex Offender Registry Board  
  Eigerman v. Putnam Investments, Inc.  
  In the Matter of Johnson (SJC-09820)  
  In the Matter of Johnson (SJC-09866)  
  Indeck v. Clients' Security Board  
  Local 2071, International Association of Firefighters v. Town of Bellingham  
  Nguyen v. University of Massachusetts  
  Oakes's Case
  St. Fleur v. WPI Cable Systems/Mutron  
  Scott, trustee v. NG US 1, Inc.
  Vakil v. Vakil  


  Abbott v. Virusso  
  Bjorklund v. Norwell Zoning Board of Apppeals  
  Commonwealth v. Burgess (SJC-09930)  
  Commonwealth v. Garden  
  Commonwealth v. Gomez 
  Commonwealth v. Isaiah I., a juvenile  
  Commonwealth v. Knowles  
  Commonwealth v. Mathews 
  Commonwealth v. McCulloch
  Commonwealth v. Perkins 
  Commonwealth v. Quezada  
  Commonwealth v. Raymond
  Commonwealth v. Webb  
  Commonwealth v. Williams (SJC-09720)  
  Elles v. Zoning Board of Appeals of Quincy  
  Haslam's Case  
  In the Matter of Firstenberger  
  Liss v. Studeny  
  Mellen v. Lowell Division of the District Court Department  
  Mellen v. Pergantis  
  Stevenson v. Mackey  



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