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Welcome to the SJC Oral Argument Webcast Archive Page. Here you may review all Supreme Judicial Court arguments that have already been broadcast.  You may locate oral arguments by date, case title or docket number.  Archives of each argument should be available within four business days of the court proceedings.

 Case Name List  See All Cases by Case Name
Case Name List  See All Cases by Docket Number
2006 Cases


  Boyd v. National Railroad Passenger Corporation  
  Carey v. New England Organ Bank  
  Commissioner of Correction v. Worcester County Superior Court 
  Commonwealth v. Acevedo  
  Commonwealth v. McKinnon  
  Commonwealth v. Morasse  
  Commonwealth v. O'Laughlin  
  Gasior v. Massachusetts General Hospital  
  Harrison v. Roncone 
  Khan v. Toorie  
  Klingel v. Reill  
  Mammone v. President and Fellows of Harvard College  
  Montes v. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority 
  Mscisz v. Kashner Davidson Securities Corporation  
  Phillips, Silver, Talman, Aframe & Sinrich, P.C. v. Marnerakis  
  Superadio Limited Partnership v. Winstar Radio Productions, Inc.  


  Bleich v. Maimonides School 
  Boehm v. Premier Insurance Company  
  Christian v. Commonwealth  
  Commonwealth v. Clemmey  
  Commonwealth v. Guzman  
  Commonwealth v. Johnston 
  Commonwealth v. Martin  
  Commonwealth v. Matis  
  Commonwealth v. Nieves  
  Friends & Fishers of the Edgartown Great Pond, Inc. v. Department of Environmental Protection  
  Haglund v. Philip Morris Incorporated  
  Jupin v. Kask 
  Lowery v. Klemm  
  Mark Bombara Interior Design v. Richard Bowler  
  O'Rourke v. Hunter  
  Reagan v. Brissey
  Standerwick v. Zoning Board of Appeals of Andover  
  TAL Financial Corporation v. CSC Consulting, Inc.  


  Andrews v. Civil Service Commission  
  Carrel v. National Cord and Braid Corporation  
  City Fuel Corporation v. National Fire Insurance Company of Hartford 
  Commonwealth v. Allen 
  Commonwealth v. Belcher  
  Commonwealth v. Cahill 
  Commonwealth v. Clark  
  Commonwealth v. Gilbert  
  Commonwealth v. Howard  
  Commonwealth v. Hudson  
  Commonwealth v. Spearin  
  Commonwealth v. Zinser  
  Crivello v. All-Pak Machinery Systems, Inc.  
  Erickson v. Somers  
  Marides v. Rossi  
  Pellegrine v. Commonwealth  
  Pleva v. Pro-Tech Power, Inc.  
  Santiago v. Young 
  Senior Housing Properties Trust v. Healthsouth Corporation  
  Silvestris v. Tantasqua Regional School District  


  Aiello v. Aiello  
  Brackett v. Civil Service Commission  
  Carleton v. Commonwealth  
  Central Steel Supply Co., Inc. v. Planning Board of Somerville  
 Commission on Judicial Conduct-- Order to Submit a Report 
  Commonwealth v. Candelario  
  Commonwealth v. Draheim  
  Commonwealth v. Dwyer  
  Commonwealth v. Weichel  
  DeRoche v. Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination  
  In the Matter of Lupo  
  In the matter of Shaughnessy 
  Picciotto v. Chief Justice of the Superior Court 
  Smith v. Winter Place LLC  
  Springfield Preservation Trust v. Springfield Library & Museums Association, Inc. 
  State Board of Retirement v. Woodward  
  Teamsters Joint Council No. 10 v. Department of Labor  
  Wojcicki v. Caragher  


  Barboza v. McLeod  
  Brear v. Fagan 
  Carney v. Attorney General  
  Commerce Insurance Company v. Commissioner of Insurance  
  Commonwealth v. Bryant 
  Commonwealth v. Carlson 
  Commonwealth v. Chhim  
  Commonwealth v. Connors  
  Commonwealth v. DeOliveira  
  Commonwealth v. Taylor  
  Feinman v. Bristol County Division of the District Court Department of the Trial Court  
  In the Matter of a Grand Jury Subpoena  
  In the matter of Barrett  
  MacDougall v. Commonwealth  
  Mason v. Coleman  
  Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals v. Pina  
  Schulman v. Attorney General  


  Commonwealth v. Drew  
  Commonwealth v. Bowden  
  Commonwealth v. Crouse 
  Commonwealth v. Dagraca  
  Commonwealth v. Galicia  
  Commonwealth v. Maloney  
  Commonwealth v. Murphy 
  Commonwealth v. Vives 
  Cooper v. Region V Administrative Justice  
  Doe, Sex Offender Registry Board no. 1211 v. Sex Offender Registry Board  
  Doe, Sex Offender Registry Board no. 3844 v. Sex Offender Registry Board  
  Doe, Sex Offender Registry Board no. 10216 v. Sex Offender Registry Board  
  DuPont v. Commissioner of Correction  
  Giovanella v. Town of Ashland Conservation Commission  
  John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company v. Banerji  
  Lussier v. Zoning Board of Appeals of Peabody  
  Rourke v. Rothman  
  State Street Bank and Trust Co. v. Attorney General  
  Sullivan v. Chief Justice for Administration and Management of the Trial Court  
  Watson v. Walker (SJC-09450) 
  Watson v. Walker (SJC-09451)  
  Walker v. Watson (SJC-09488)  
  Watson v. Walker (SJC-09489)  
  Walker v. Watson (SJC-09510)  
  Walker v. Watson (SJC-09511) 
  Wilkinson v. Citation Insurance Company  


  A.H. v. M.P.  
  Arcidi v. National Association of Government Employees, Inc.  
  Blackstone v. Cashman  
  Bulger v. Contributory Retirement Appeal Board  
  Commonwealth v. Berrios 
  Commonwealth v. Bettencourt  
  Commonwealth v. Cartwright  
  Commonwealth v. Gross  
  Commonwealth v. Lopez 
  Commonwealth v. Nolin 
  Coverall North America, Inc. v. Commissioner of Unemployment Assistance  
  In the matter of Driscoll
  LAS Collection Management v. Pagan  
  McDonough v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company  
  Moot v. Department of Environmental Protection
  Owens v. Mukendi  
  Town of Falmouth v. Civil Service Commission  


  Perroncello v. Donahue  
  Fuller v. First Financial Insurance Company  
  Chapman v. Katz  
  Chervin v. Travelers Insurance Company  
  Commonwealth v. Johnson  
  Ferrari v. Commonwealth  
  Simmons v. Clerk-Magistrate of the Boston Housing Court  
  Roberts v. Legendary Marine Sales  
  Impounded Case  
  Todino v. Town of Wellfleet  
  Osakwe v. Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners  
  Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, Inc. v. Energy Facilities Siting Board of the Commonwealth  
  Household Retail Services, Inc. v. Commissioner of Revenue  
  Miller v. Miller  
  Brodie v. Jordan  
  In the Matter of Grossman  
  Sagar v. Middlesex Division of the Probate and Family Court Department of the Trial Court  
  Commonwealth v. Bly 
  Commonwealth v. Diaz 
  Commonwealth v. Anderson  


  Cadle Company v. Schlichtmann  
  Chokel v. Genzyme Corporation  
  Commonwealth v. Andrews  
  Commonwealth v. Considine  
  Commonwealth v. Costa  
  Commonwealth v. Gillis  
  Commonwealth v. Isaiah I., a juvenile  
  Commonwealth v. Thomas
  Commonwealth v. Kirwan 
  Commonwealth v. McDermott 
  Commonwealth v. Roland R., a juvenile  
  Doyle v. Secretary of the Commonwealth
  In the matter of Hilson  
  In the matter of Wainwright  
  Karimpour v. Supreme Judicial Court  
  Nunez v. Carrabba's Italian Grill, Inc.  
  Sheehan v. Roche Brothers Supermarkets, Inc.  
  Vranos v. Franklin Medical Center  
  Yakah v. Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners  



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