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Bridgeman v. District Attorney for the Suffolk District

View Docket & Briefs Hearing Date: January 8, 2015

Controlled substances. Constitutional law, Plea, Conduct of government agents, Judicial review, Sentence, Delay in commencement of prosecution. Due process of law, Plea, Sentence, Delay in commencement of prosecution, Intervention in civil action. Committee for Public Counsel Services. Attorney at law, Attorney as witness. Practice, Criminal, Plea, Postconviction relief, New trial, Sentence, Delay in commencement of prosecution, Conduct of government agents, Cross-examination by prosecutor. Evidence, Guilty plea, Certificate of drug analysis, Disclosure of evidence, Cross-examination. Supreme Judicial Court, Superintendence of inferior courts. Practice, Civil, Intervention.
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Counsel for Appellant
Matthew R. Segal
Daniel N. Marx
Counsel for Appellee
District Attorney for the Suffolk District
Vincent J. DeMore

District Attorney for the Essex District
Quentin Weld
Counsel for Intervener
Committee for Public Counsel Services
Benjamin H. Keehn
Nancy J. Caplan
Gants, C.J.
Amici Curiae
  • Arise for Social Justice
  • Black and Pink
  • Blackstonian
  • Boston Workers Alliance
  • Brookline PAX
  • Center for Church and Prison, Inc.
  • Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice
  • Criminal Justice Policy Coalition
  • Ex-Prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement
  • Families Against Mandatory Minimums
  • Families for Justice as Healing
  • Former State and Federal Prosecutors
  • Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice
  • Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • NAACP New England Area Conference
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • National Lawyers Guild, Massachusetts Chapter
  • New Start Project
  • Partakers
  • Prisoners' Legal Services of Massachusetts
  • Real Cost of Prisons Project
  • Span
  • STRIVE/Boston Employment Service Inc.
  • Survivor's, Inc.
  • Trinity Chapel
  • Tufts Center for the Study of Race and Democracy
  • Union of Minority Neighborhoods
  • UU Mass Action
Court Appealed From
SJC for the Suffolk District



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