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Welcome to the SJC Oral Argument Webcast Archive Page. Here you may review all Supreme Judicial Court arguments that have already been broadcast.  You may locate oral arguments by date, case title or docket number.  Archives of each argument should be available within four business days of the court proceedings.

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Case Name List  See All Cases by Docket Number
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February 2013 Session

February 2013 Cases By Date

Feb. 4
Chardin v. Police Commissioner of Boston  
  Commonwealth v. Clagon  
  Commonwealth v. Domino  
  Commonwealth v. Parent  
  Sheriff of Suffolk County v. Jail Officers and Employees of Suffolk County  
  Wheatley v. Massachusetts Insurers Insolvency Fund  

February 5
Commonwealth v. Bundy
  (Reserve Case)
  Commonwealth v. Chambers  
  Cook v. Patient Edu, LLC  
  Depianti v. Jan-Pro Franchising International, Inc.  
  Zaniboni v. Massachusetts Trial Court  

February 7
Commonwealth v. Alcequiecz  
  Commonwealth v. Dreslinski  
  Commonwealth v. Hanright  
  Commonwealth v. Middlemiss  
  Commonwealth v. Perkins  
  Commonwealth v. Rousseau  
  Leder v. Superintendent of Schools of Concord & Concord-Carlyle Regional School District  
  Moreno v. Naranjo  

February 8
  Court session for 2/8/2013 canceled on account of snowstorm  

February 2013 Cases By Docket Number



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