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Banner 1
Entire survey by gender, political party, geographic area, age, & right direction/wrong track ( Mass. ) subcategories
Area 1 = “ Worcester West” – Worcester , Berkshire, Franklin , Hampden, & Hampshire Counties
Area 2 = “Northeast” – Middlesex & Essex Counties
Area 3 = “ Boston Area” – Suffolk County
Area 4 = “SE MA/Cape – Norfolk , Plymouth , Bristol , Barnstable , Dukes, & Nantucket Counties

Banner 2
Entire survey by Dem. Primary vote for Governor, voter intensity to Democratic Party, & three Final Election combinations

Banner 3
Entire survey by seven possible November ballot questions and same-sex marriage issues

Banner 4
Entire survey by Final Election ballot tests of all other Constitutional Officers, perceptions of Governor, & Ted Kennedy re-elect subcategories

Banner 5
Entire survey by Males/Females 18-35, 36-55, over 55 years, Males/Females Democrats, Republicans, & Unenrolled/Independent, & just know Reilly/Healey/Mihos, just know Patrick/Healey/Mihos, just know Gabrieli/Healey/Mihos, & Dems. know just Patrick/Reilly/Gabrieli, & top three issue subcategories

Banner 6
Entire survey by favorable/unfavorable ratings of Mitt Romney, Chris Gabrieli, Kerry Healey, Deval Patrick, Martha Coakley, Christy Mihos, Tom Menino, Grace Ross, & Tom Reilly


Favorability Ratings of Democrat Tom Reilly
"Unfavorable Now Exactly Even With Favorable"

Favorability Ratings of Governor Mitt Romney
"June Downtick"

Favorability Ratings of Republican Kerry Healey
"Unfavorable Exceeds Favorable"

Favorability Ratings of Independent Christy Mihos
"Higher Negative Than Positive"

Favorability Ratings of Democrat Deval Patrick
"Measured Improvement"

Favorability Ratings of Democrat Chris Gabrieli
"TV Ads Send Favorability Soaring"

Ballot Test Governor - Democratic Primary
Patrick Overtakes Lead From Reilly; Gabrieli Rallies

Ballot Test Governor
Reilly Margin Over Healey Grows

Ballot Test Governor
Patrick Overtakes Healey

Ballot Test Governor
Gabrieli Extends Lead Over Healey

Direction of the Commonwealth
Wrong Track.

November Ballot Questions

Democratic Constitutional Officers
Galvin, DeNucci, Coakley, & Cahill With Large Early Leads Over Opponent(s)