• August 2012 Unlikely Voter Poll

Unlikely/Unregistered Voter Poll with USA TODAY

Political opinion polls usually confine themselves to seeking out registered, likely voters. But what about the millions of adult U.S. citizens who are eligible to vote and choose not to?

The Suffolk University Political Research Center and USA TODAY have partnered to find out what these 80 million Americans think – who they support for president, what their opinions are on national issues and why they aren’t participating in their country’s civic process. Every other poll being conducted is talking to the usual cadre of registered and likely voters. This exclusive poll is the first of its kind – a study of everyone else! As the fall election season gets into high gear, find out what the rest of America is thinking. Can solid blue or red states turn swing? What might increased participation do to the electoral map? Complete results are posted below and are available in the print and online edtions of USA TODAY.

Marginals (PDF)


Tables (PDF)


Statement of Methodology

Press Release: Obama Would Cruise to Victory if Non-Voters Participate