• Presidential Polls (2011-2012)

Presidential Polls

Press Releases:

Presidential Race is Neck-and-Neck in Ohio

New Hampshire Poll Shows Romney and Obama Deadlocked

Nevada Poll Shows Obama Edging Romney

Florida Poll Shows Obama with Slight Lead in Sunshine State

Suffolk/NBC12 Poll Shows Obama Clinging to 2-Point Lead in VA 

Florida Voters: Keep an Eye on Neighborhood Watch

Presidential Poll Shows Dead Heat in Florida

Suffolk University National Poll Shows Obama Leading Romney by 10 Points

Suffolk University Ohio Poll Shows Santorum Edging Romney

64 Percent of Likely GOP Voters Support Romney in Mass. Primary

Romney Opens Up 20-Point Lead in Florida Republican Primary

Florida Poll Shows Democratic Incumbent Bill Nelson Leading in Race for US Senate

Florida Poll: Romney Stronger than Gingrich in General Election vs. Obama

Romney Headed for Near-20-Point Win in New Hampshire

Romney Drops Two More Points, But Likely Won't Be Caught

Romney Continues to Slip in New Hampshire, Now at 35 Percent

Santorum Hits Plateau, Slips to Fourth in New Hampshire

Santorum Continues to Climb in Granite State

Paul, Santorum, Pick Up Iowa Bounce Among N.H. GOP Voters

Huntsman and Paul Lose Ground to “Undecided” among N.H. GOP Voters

Romney Holds Steady at 43 Percent among N.H. GOP Voters

N.H. Voters Making a Romney Resolution

N.H. Voters Opting for Romney

N.H. GOP Voters Favor Romney as Gingrich Continues Climb

Romney on Top as Gingrich & Paul Battle for Second Place in N.H.

Suffolk University Poll Shows Florida Staggering under Recession

Veepstakes: GOP Can Win with Rubio, but Dems Prevail with Clinton

Romney Crushing Field in NH among Likely GOP Primary Voters