• Course Design Institute


Course Design Institute

Do you need to revise a course because of enrollment fluctuations?

Are you preparing to teach a new course, or are you frustrated or bored with the one you are already teaching?

Upcoming Institutes 

Summer 2012
Session I - May 29th-June 1 (10-3pm each day)
Session II - July 23-26 (10am-3pm each day)

Fall 2012 (4 consecutive Fridays)
September 21st, September 28th, October 5th, October 12th (10-3pm each day)

Spring 2013
January 7th - 10th (10am-3pm each day)
March 11th-14th (10am-3pm each day)

Summer 2013
Session I - May 28th - 31st (10-3pm each day)
Session II - July 22nd - 26th (10am-3pm each day)

This four-part intensive institute is designed to provide you with the tools, time, and collegial support needed to really dig in and design or re-design your course. Upon completion, you will have created the basic structure of your course—including a draft syllabus, assignments, assessment tools, and course outline.

Because this experience is designed to build community among faculty around campus who are undertaking the same design process, and because these sessions are very interconnected, we can only accept applications from individuals who can commit to attending all four sessions.

If you are unable to commit to this institute, look for other CTE opportunities later this year.

Each participant will receive a complimentary workbook of course planning materials and lunch!


To sign up contact the CTE at cte@suffolk.edu or 617-573-8222.


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