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To Suffolk University Community,

Suffolk University’s Center for Teaching Excellence has negotiated a group online subscription allowing campus members free access to The Teaching Professor, a higher education newsletter produced by Magna Publications. You learn the latest tips and ideas that can help you in your profession. You can access this publication by going to http://www.magnapubs.com/ and accessing the publication. If logging in from a campus computer, you will not need to enter a password.

If you are signing in from an off-campus computer or if you would like to register to receive an email message each time a new issue is posted, follow these instructions: Go to http://www.magnapubs.com/licenses/subscribe.html and log in using our private information:

 Voucher code: SUFFOLK

 PIN Number:  0110

You create your own account using your email and a password of your choice. This is a one-time event. Thereafter you will have access to the publication and can search archives. You will receive an email reminder each time a new issue is published.

We know you will find this service valuable. Please contact Christina DiRico at 617-573-8222 or cdirico@suffolk.edu  if you have questions or suggestions.

Center for Teaching Excellence

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