Poll Results


Marginals (PDF, 76KB)


Banners (PDF, 550KB)

BANNER 1 –   “Demographics”
Entire survey by gender, area, age, race, employee size, & political party subcategories

BANNER 2 –   “Outlooks”
Entire survey by outlook one year from now, outlook add/subtract employees in future, effect of economic turbulence on business, & most significant challenge to small business profitability subcategories

BANNER 3 – “Effects”
Entire survey by effect of stock market high, effect of energy crisis, effect of long-term increase in interest rates, effect of short-term fed rate cut, job performance of fed chair, effect of decline in US dollar, & use of fed. Agencies to get assistance subcategories

BANNER 4 – “National Issues”
Entire survey by reason haven’t used federal agencies, direction of national economy, President’s handling of Iraq War, support of healthcare reform plan, support of amnesty to undocumented workers, & support path to legal immigration subcategories

BANNER 5 - “Environment & continued National Issues continued”
Entire survey by know businesses with illegal workers, taken environmentally friendly steps, support environmental tax credits, support a federal government mandate mandating environmentally-friendly, environment a key issue, support repeal of the Bush tax cuts, & political party best suited for small business subcategories

BANNER 6 – “More Census Cross-tabs”
Entire survey by Males/Females 18-34, 35-54, over 54 years & Males/Females Democrats, Republicans, & Independent subcategories