New Hampsire Presidential Poll Results

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Entire survey by gender, region, party, age, veteran in household, and union member in household (68k PDF file)

Entire survey by political philosophy, religious background, most important issue, Al Qaeda linked to Iraq, $87 billion to re-build, & Iraq worth it (73k PDF file)

Entire survey by favorable/unfavorable ratings for John Kerry, Wesley Clark, Joe Lieberman, John Edwards, Dick Gephardt, Carol Moseley-Braun, Bob Graham, Dennis Kucinich, and Al Sharpton (67k PDF file)

Entire Survey by Vote for Democratic President, & Favorable/Unfavorable ratings of Howard Dean, George Bush, Ted Kennedy, & Jeanne Shaheen subcategories (67k PDF file)

Entire study by "Dean Disqualify/No Foreign Policy Experience, Dean next President, Clark in Soon Enough, Clark Viable, Kennedy Attack, Kerry with Kennedy, and Expect to be next President" subcategories (66k PDF file)


“If the Democratic Primary election for President were held today, toward whom would you lean”

Most Important Issue

"Would you say your opinion is generally favorable or generally unfavorable?"

"Who do you expect the next President to be?"
(Likely Democratic Voters)

"Do you believe that Howard Dean could be the next President?"

"Does the fact that Howard Dean has no foreign policy experience, disqualify him from being the next President?"

"Recently, Senator Ted Kennedy attacked President Bush's Iraqi policies saying that the President's war plan was (QUOTE) "a fraud" and (QUOTE) "made up in Texas" to boost the political stock of Republicans. Was Kennedy correct or did he go too far?"

"Do you believe it helps John Kerry by campaigning with Ted Kennedy?"

"In your opinion, did Wesley Clark get into the Democratic Primary soon enough?"

"Do you believe Wesley Clark is a viable choice to be the Democratic nominee?"

"In your opinion, was it worth it going to war in Iraq?"

"Do you believe the terrorist group Al Qaeda is directly linked to Iraq?"

"Do you support or oppose President Bush's request for $87 billion dollars to help re-build Iraq and Afghanistan?"