New Hampshire Presidential Poll Results


Marginals (PDF format; 17kb)


"In your opinion, was it worth going to war in Iraq?"

"Would you say your opinion is generally favorable or generally unfavorable?"

"Who do you expect the next President to be?"
(Likely Democratic Voters)

NH Democratic Presidential Primary
(Ballot Test Responses)

"Do you think the Bush Administration deliberately misled the public about how big of a threat Iraq was before the war began?"

Most Important Issue

"Do you think President Bush is a strong and decisive leader?"

"Do you have confidence in the President's ability to deal wisely with an international crisis?"

"Since becoming President, do you think George Bush has done more to unite the country or divide the country?"

"In your opinion, has John Kerry's campaign been better than expected, worse than expected, or just what you expected?"

"Does John Kerry care about the needs of people like you?"

"Does Howard Dean care about the needs of people like you?"

"Do you believe that Howard Dean could be the next President?"

"Do you think President Bush's policies favor the rich?"

The following Trendline Charts indicate the progress of key questions asked in each of the four 7NEWS-Suffolk University polls during 2003:

2003 Trendline: Favorability Ratings

2003 Trendline: Democratic Choices for President

2003 Trendline: Most Important Issue to Democratic Voters

2003 Trendline: Who do you expect the next President to be?

Cross Tabs

Suffolk has compiled statistically significant banner point demographics from 215 page cross-tabulation report. These demographic reports are: