New Hampshire Presidential Poll Results


Marginals (PDF format, 16kb)


"In your opinion, was it worth going to war in Iraq?"

"Would you say your opinion is generally favorable or generally unfavorable?"

"Who do you expect the next President to be?"
(Likely Democratic Voters)

NH Democratic Presidential Primary
(Ballot Test Responses)

NH Democratic Vice Presidential Choices

"Did Howard Dean's endorsements from Al Gore, Bill Bradley, and Tom Harkin make him more electable, in your opinion?"

Most Important Issue

"Do you think President Bush is a strong and decisive leader?"

"Is Howard Dean too blunt?"

"Does the capture of Saddam Hussein make you feel safer?"

"In your opinion, has John Kerry's campaign been better than expected, worse than expected, or just what you expected?"

"In your opinion, must John Kerry win the New Hampshire Primary to win the Democratic nomination for President?"

The following trend line Charts indicate the progress of key questions asked in each of the four 7NEWS-Suffolk University polls during 2003-04:

2003-04 Trend line: Favorability Ratings

2003-04 Trend line: Democratic Choices for President

2003-04 Trend line: Most Important Issue to Democratic Voters

2003-04 Trend line: Who do you expect the next President to be?

Cross Tabs

Entire survey by gender, geographic region, party affiliation, age category, veteran household, and union household (PDF, 68kb)

Entire Survey by vote in Pres. primary, political philosophy, religious background, most important issue, Bush strong & decisive (Y/N), Saddam's capture safer (Y/N), and Iraq war worth it (Y/N) subcategories (PDF, 76kb)

Entire survey by favorable/unfavorable ratings of John Kerry, Wesley Clark, Joseph Lieberman, John Edwards, Dick Gephardt, Carol Moseley-Braun, Dennis Kucinich, & Al Sharpton subcategories (PDF, 65kb)

Entire survey by vote for Democratic president and favorable/unfavorable ratings for Howard Dean, George Bush, Ted Kennedy, & Jeanne Shaheen (PDF, 65kb)

Entire survey by Dean's endorsements more electable (Y/N). Dean too blunt (Y/N), Kerry campaign expectations, Kerry must win in NH (Y/N), and expect to be next President subcategories (PDF, 63kb)