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Entire survey by gender, likely to vote, geographical region, party labels, political philosophy, & most important issue subcategories

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Entire survey by economically better or worse off, age, veteran in household, residency, education, and marital status sub-categories

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Entire survey by 2004 Ballot Test Bush vs. Kerry, 2004 Ballot Test Bush vs. Edwards, 2004 Ballot Test Mo. Governor, 2000 Vote for President,& Expect to be next President in 2004 subcategories

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Entire Survey by same-sex marriage favor/oppose, civil unions favor/oppose, US Constitutional Amendment Restricting Definition of Marriage favor/oppose, Floating Gambling facilities favor/oppose, Conceal Carry Law favor/oppose, Iraq War increased domestic security/long-term security agree/disagree, & Bush exaggerated weapons of mass destruction agree/disagree subcategories

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Entire survey by Favorable/Unfavorable Ratings of George Bush, John Edwards, Dick Gephardt, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, & Ralph Nader