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Entire Survey by Gender, Party, Region, Age, and Vote for President subcategories

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Entire Survey by Edwards Ready (Y/N), Bush Misled re: Iraq (Y/N), Kerry flip-flops on issues (Y/N), Convention good idea (Y/NN, Terrorist attack (Y/N), Kerry done all he could (Y/N), Boston Police protest convention (Y/N), & What should Police get re: contract subcategories

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Entire survey by favorable/unfavorable ratings for George Bush, Dick Cheney, John Kerry, John Edwards, John McCain, Mitt Romney, & Tom Menino subcategories. Also, Recommend convention to other cities (YES/NO/UNDECIDED)


Would you say your opinion is generally favorable or generally unfavorable?

If the Final Election for President were held today and the candidates were George Bush-Republican, John Kerry-Democrat, or Ralph Nader-Independent, toward whom would you lean?

Who do you expect the next President to be, come November?

Presidential Candidates and Public Figures.

Democratic Convention in Boston.

If the Boston Police protest during the convention, do you think they should…?

If you work in Boston, what are you planning to do during the week of the convention?