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Entire survey by gender, party, region, and age subcategories

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Entire survey by religious frequency, know a same-sex married couple (Y/N), same-sex attitudes, vote for Mayor and vote for Councilor-At-Large subcategories

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Entire survey by job performance rating of Mayor Menino, Boston City Council, Boston School Committee, Boston Police Commissioner, & support elected School Committee subcategories

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Entire survey by favorable/unfavorable ratings of Mitt Romney, Bill Galvin, Sal DiMasi, Maura Hennigan, Robert Travaglini, Tom Reilly, Deval Patrick, & Tom Menino, direction of city of Boston (right/wrong) subcategories


Menino Rocks Boston Popularity.

Vote for Mayor.

Vote for Councilor-At-Large.

Democratic Primary for President.

Democratic Primary for Governor.

Democratic Primary for Secretary of State.

Overall, do you think the City of Boston is headed in the right direction or wrong direction?

Would you support an elected School Committee in Boston?

Rating Job Performance.

A number of proposals have been made for laws or constitutional amendments regarding same-sex marriage. Which of the following would you favor?

Do you personally know anyone who has entered into a same-sex marriage?