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Entire Survey by Gender, Region, Number of Employees, Location, Ethnicity, Children Under 18 Years at Home (Y/N), & Political Affiliation Subcategories

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Entire Survey by Education, Age, Income, & Choice Subcategories

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Entire Survey by Business Forecasting, Employee Forecasting, Energy Crisis Effect, Interest Rate Effect, & Local Government Grade Subcategories

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ntire Survey by Most Creative/Innovative Government Body, Direction of National Economy, Best Administration (Bush/Clinton) for Business, Party Most Sympathetic to Small Business, & Approve/Disapprove of President's Handling of Iraq War Subcategories


Where do you think your business will be one year from now?

In the next 12 months, is it more likely that you will add, subtract, or keep the same number of employees?

What is the most significant challenge to your businesses' profitability?

How has the recent energy crisis affected your business?

How have the increases in interest rates affected your business?

How would you grade your local government's efforts to create a pro-business climate within your community?

Which of the following elected officials/branches is the most creative and innovative in helping small businesses?

Have you worked with any federal agencies to receive assistance?

Why haven't you used federal agencies to help your business grow?

In general, would you say that the national economy is headed in the right direction or the wrong direction?

Do you feel your business is/was better off economically under the (current) Bush or Clinton Administration?

Which of the two major political parties is more sympathetic to the needs of small business?

Regarding the Iraq War, do you approve or disapprove with the President's handling of the war?

Who would you vote for if the election were held today?

On the topic of abortion, would you say you are pro-choice or pro-life?