Poll Results


Marginals (PDF format - 49kb)


Banner 1 - (pdf format - 193kb)
Entire survey by gender, political party, geographic area, age, Mass. going in the right direction/wrong direction, and support/oppose gay marriage subcategories

Banner 2 - (pdf format - 199kb)
Entire survey by yes/no (or Agree/Disagree) on Romney re-election, Romney candidate for President, Romney Governor he said he’d be, Romney reformed state government, state government stuck in neutral, Reilly too boring to be Governor, Beacon Hill cut taxes/expand programs, & Commonwealth afford health care subcategories

Banner 3 - (pdf format - 200kb)
Entire survey by yes/no for Kennedy run for re-election, Kerry plans for 2008, Kerry vs Romney, Kerry vs. Clinton, tuition breaks for illegal immigrants, opportunities for women candidates, banning ROTC on college campus, & greenhouse gases at the state gov. level subcategories

Banner 4 - (pdf format - 189kb)
Entire Survey by favorable/unfavorable ratings of Mitt Romney, Kerry Healey, Tom Reilly, Tim Cahill, Joe DeNucci, Bill Galvin, Tom Menino, & Martha Coakley


Menino is Tops in Massachusetts.

Democratic Primary for Governor.

Clinton Topples Kerry for President.

Final Election for Governor. Reilly Most Viable Democrat.

Massachusetts Going in the Right Direction.

Stuck in Neutral.

Romney or Reilly.

Should Beacon Hill cut taxes or expand programs?

Other Issues: Yes or No.

Should Massachusetts voters decide the issue of gay marriage or is it time to move on?

In 2008, what should John Kerry do?