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Marginals (PDF format - 20kb)


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Entire survey by gender, political party, geographic area, age, & Mass. going in the right direction/wrong direction subcategories.

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Entire survey by should Mass. provide health care for every resident (yes/no), can Massachusetts afford to provide health care for every resident (yes/no), should people who can afford health be compelled to pay for it (yes/no), Finneran indictment - political motivated, Finneran indictment – if he broke the law he should be punished, Finneran indictment – undecided, should Finneran go to jail (yes/no), should Finneran lose his law license (yes/no), & allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition (yes/no) subcategories.

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Entire survey by yes/no for Mass. ready for a black Governor, blacks underrepresented in government, has Mass. ever elected a black Governor, has Mass. ever elected a black US Senator, when will Mass. have a minority Governor, & do black candidates have the same opportunities as white candidate (yes/no) subcategories.

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Entire Survey by Democratic Primary vote for Governor 2006, Democratic Primary vote for President 2008 Kerry vs. Clinton, Republican Primary vote for Governor 2006 Baker vs. Healey, should Romney run for re-election (yes/no), & what office(s) will Mitt Romney run for subcategories.

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Entire Survey by Final Election Governor 2006 match-ups Healey vs. Galvin, Healey vs. Patrick, Healey vs. Reilly, Baker vs. Galvin, Baker vs. Patrick, & Baker vs. Reilly subcategories.

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Entire Survey by Favorable/Unfavorable ratings of Tom Menino, Joe Kennedy, Mitt Romney, Tom Reilly, Bill Galvin, Kerry Healey, Tim Cahill, & Deval Patrick subcategories.


Menino Still Tops in Massachusetts.

If John Kerry were to run for President in 2008 and was opposed in the Democratic Primary by Hillary Clinton, toward whom would you lean: Kerry or Clinton?

Republican Primary for President.

Democratic Primary for Governor.

Republican Primary for Governor.

Republican vs. Democrat for Governor in 2006.

Overall, do you think Massachusetts is headed in the right direction or wrong direction?

Do you think Mitt Romney will run for re-election as Governor?

Do you think Mitt Romney should run for Governor, President, neither, or both?

Massachusetts Ready for a Black Governor.

Prejudice Seen as Preventing Election of Blacks.

When do you think Massachusetts will have a minority Governor?

Health Care Desires & Affordability.

Premature Judgment of Tom Finneran.