Poll Results


Marginals (PDF format - 19kb)


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Entire survey by gender, party affiliation, area, age, Romney favorable/unfavorable, Ted Kennedy favorable/unfavorable, & vote for Ted Kennedy (Y/N) subcategories

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Entire survey by Democratic Primary vote for Governor, Lt. Governor, aware of St. Fleur withdrawal (Y/N), more likely/less likely to vote for Tom Reilly, Reilly competence (Y/N), & Reilly qualified (Y/N) subcategories

Banner 3 - (pdf format - 77kb)
Entire survey by Republican Primary vote for Governor, Healey pick running mate (Y/N), Final Election for Governor, Healey-Flutie (more likely/less likely), know someone in a same-sex marriage (Y/N), & same-sex opinion subcategories

Banner 4 - (pdf format - 68kb)
Entire survey by males/females who are 18-35, 36-55, over 55, Democrats, Republican, Unenrolled/Independents; also just voters who know Reilly AND Healey, Patrick AND Healey, & Democratic voters who know Patrick AND Reilly

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Entire survey by favorable/unfavorable ratings of Tom Menino, Kerry Healey, Bill Galvin, Deval Patrick, Christy Mihos, Tom Reilly, Joe DeNucci, & Tim Cahill


Menino Still Tops in Massachusetts.

If the Democratic Primary Election for Governor were held today and the candidates were Deval Patrick and Tom Reilly, toward whom would you lean?

Republican Primary for President.

If the Republican Primary were between Kerry Healey or Christy Mihos, toward whom would you lean at this time?

Democrats Lead Across The Board.
Republican vs. Democrat for Governor in 2006.

Are you aware of recent news events concerning Democratic candidate for Governor Tom Reilly and the withdrawal of his running mate, State Representative Marie St. Fleur?

Do you plan on voting for Ted Kennedy for re-election to the U.S. Senate, this November?

If the Final Election for State Treasurer were held today and the candidates were Tim Cahill-Democrat or Beth Lindstrom-Republican, toward whom would you lean at this time?

If the Final Election for State Auditor were held today and the candidates were Joe DeNucci-Democrat or Earl Strol-Republican, toward whom would you lean at this time?