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Entire survey by gender, political party, geographic area, age, right direction/wrong track (Mass.), & right direction/wrong track (U.S.) subcategories
Area 1 = “Worcester West” – Worcester, Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, & Hampshire Counties
Area 2 = “Northeast” – Middlesex & Essex Counties
Area 3 = “Boston Area” – Suffolk County
Area 4 = “SE MA/Cape” – Norfolk, Plymouth, Bristol, Barnstable, Dukes, & Nantucket Counties

Banner 2
Entire survey by Dem. Primary vote for Governor without/with Martha Coakley, dog racing/fighting referendum, sale of wine by food stores referendum, & size of Mass. government subcategories

Banner 3
Entire survey by all three General Election combinations including Independent and third party candidates, & how much time Mitt Romney spends being Governor of Massachusetts subcategories

Banner 4
Entire survey by thought of moving away from Mass. (Y/N), new healthcare bill will attract poor people (Y/N), amend state constitution to guarantee healthcare for all (Y/N), more expensive to live in Mass. than in other states (Y/N), & will you stay in Mass. when you retire (Y/N) subcategories

Banner 5
Entire survey by Males/Females 18-35, 36-55, over 55 years, Males/Females Democrats, Republicans, & Unenrolled/Independent, & just know Reilly/Healey/Mihos, just know Patrick/Healey/Mihos, just know Gabrieli/Healey/Mihos, & Dems. know just Patrick/Reilly/Gabrieli subcategories

Banner 6
Entire survey by vote for Attorney General, vote for State Treasurer, vote for Secretary of State, vote for State Auditor, opinion of Tom Menino (favorable/unfavorable), & opinion of Martha Coakley (favorable/unfavorable) subcategories

Banner 7
Entire survey by favorable/unfavorable ratings of Mitt Romney, Tom Reilly, Kerry Healey, Chris Gabrieli, Deval Patrick, Christy Mihos, & Grace Ross


Favorability Ratings of Democrat Tom Reilly
"Surviving A Cold Winter in 2006"

Favorability Ratings of Governor Mitt Romney
"Healthy Numbers"

Favorability Ratings of Republican Kerry Healey
"Unfavorable Dangerously Close to Favorable"

Favorability Ratings of Independent Christy Mihos
"Limited Name Recognition"

Favorability Ratings of Democrat Deval Patrick
"Measured Improvement"

Favorability Ratings of Democrat Chris Gabrieli
"TV Ads Send Favorability Soaring"

Ballot Test Governor
Democratic Primary

Ballot Test Governor
Reilly Margin Over Healey Slowly Eroding

Ballot Test Governor
Healey Overtakes Patrick

Ballot Test Governor
Gabrieli Overtakes Healey