• Changing your Active Directory Password

You are able to change your password at any time once you are logged into Active Directory (AD). There will be times when AD will force you to change your password. Usually, you will see a pop-up window informing you that "Your password will expire in [x] days. Do you want to change your password now? Yes / No?"

In either case, the method to change or update your password is the same.


If you have been prompted by AD to change your password, skip to step 3.

If you are manually changing your password, use the following steps:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del
    This will enable the Windows Security menu
  2. Choose "Change Password"
  3. Enter in your Old (Existing) password
  4. Enter in your new password, then retype it again in the bottom box
  5. Click on the OK button.

You should see a pop-up message box informing you that you password has been changed. From this point on, you can use your new password to authenticate to AD.

Users of the RedDot Content Management System (CMS), please note that your Active Directory password is also your RedDot password.  Once you change your Active Directory password, you must use the new password when logging in to RedDot