• Full-Time and Part-Time Students

Enrollment Status and Course Loads

All full-time undergraduate students are expected to complete at least four courses each semester (12 credits). All international students are required to complete at least 12 credits each Fall and Spring semester.

Enrollment statuses for Fall and Spring Terms are listed in the table below:

   Overload Full-Time  Half-Time  Less Than Half-Time 
 Undergraduate  18+ credits 12-17 credits   6-11 credits  <6 credits
 Graduate  13+ credits 12 credits  6-11 credits  <6 credits
 PHD/Economics  N/A  9 credits  6-8 credits  <6 credits
 MSF  9 credits  6 credits  4-5 credits  <3 credits
 Executive MBA  N/A  6 credits  3-5.5 credits  <3 credits
 MS/Computer Science  13+ credits  9 credits  6-8 credits  <6 credits
 MBA  17+ credits  12-16 credits  6-11 credits  <6 credits

Restrictions: ESL students can take a maximum of 3 credits. ELI students can only take 0 credit courses. MBA/ELI students can take a maximum of 6 credits.

Students registered for non-credit co-ops through the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education are considered full or part-time, according to their placements.

Specific courses can also give students a full-time of half-time status by being enrolled in that one course.  They are usually graduate courses and include:

 Department         Courses                             Load         
 Economics         EC 901 & EC 999   Full-Time
 EHS EHS 738, 739, 740, & 741  Full-Time
 GMBA GMBA 800  Full-Time
 Government GVT 899 & GVT 958  Full-Time
 Study Abroad OC 001  Full-Time
 Psychology PSYCH 900, 777, 000, 778, 701, 811, 801, 001  Full-Time
 Psychology         PSYCH 802  Half-Time

Undergraduate Course Load - Summer I & II

Both Summer I & Summer II need to be evaluated together in order to determine a student's status for the whole Summer term.  If a student is registered for only one Summer session, the credits/load and date range for that Summer session is verified.  If registered for both Summer I & II sessions, the credits/load and date range for the whole summer is verified.

Summer I   Summer II Summer Total Load   Date Range Verified
 4 credits  4 credits = 8 credits   Half-Time  Beginning of S1 to end of S2
 8 credits  0 credits = 8 credits  Half-Time  Beginning of S1 to end of S1
 8 credits  8 credits = 16 credits   Full-Time  Beginning of S1 to end of S2

GR & NESAD Course Loads - Summer Sessions

 Program Session   Half-Time Full-Time 
 NESAD UG Only Summer I  6 Credits  N/A
 Executive MBA Only Summer I  6 Credits  12 Credits

Excess Courses

Any course taken beyond the normal full-time course load is considered an excess course. A student must seek special permission to register for an excess course. Students are charged for any credits in excess of the typical full-time load for their programs.

Undergraduate students must have been in attendance for at least two full semesters (not including Summer Sessions) and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. If the student meets these requirements, they can register for up to 18 credits in the Fall and Spring terms, and up to 11 credits in the Summer Sessions. If the student does not meet these requirements or wishes to enroll in more than 18 credits, they can fill out an Excess Course Petition at their Academic Dean's Office.*

Graduate College of Arts and Sciences students must obtain approval from their program directors for excess courses.

Graduate Sawyer Business School students must obtain approval from the Sawyer Business School Dean’s Office.

* Petitions turned in to the Registrar’s Office will be submitted to the Dean’s Office. If approved, the student will be registered for the excess course, or notified if additional approval is needed (e.g. prerequisite issues, time conflicts, closed courses, etc.). If denied, the student will be notified by email.