• Registration Dates

Students register and make changes to their course schedule through MySuffolk. An appropriate signature on an Add/Drop form is required for all course adds which require overrides for closed courses, prerequisites, and time conflicts.

Registration & Add/Drop Dates                                                  

13/FA 14/SP
Advising Begins Mar. 18 Oct. 15
Graduate Student Priority  Apr. 8 Nov. 4
Senior Priority  Apr. 9 Nov. 5
Junior Priority  Apr. 10 Nov. 6
Sophomore Priority  Apr. 11 Nov. 7
Freshmen Priority  Apr. 12 Nov. 8
Non-Degree at 12:00P.M. Apr. 12 Nov. 8
Last Day for Registration without Payment June 30 Nov. 17
Last Day to Add/Late Register for Courses Online Sept. 9 Jan. 20
Instructor's Signature Required for Course Adds/Late Registration Sept.10 Jan. 21
Last Day for Course Changes and Late Registration Sept.16 Jan. 27
Last Day to Drop a Course without a Grade of “W” Oct. 1 Feb 11
Last Day to Drop a Course Oct. 31 Mar. 20