Book Proposal Support Group

Hosted by Micky Lee, Associate Professor of Media Studies

Do you find writing a book proposal mystifying and confusing? Do you want your peers' feedback on your proposal?

CTE Book Proposal Support Group welcomes first-time and experienced book writers to exchange book proposal drafts and to offer feedback during the drafting process.

WHO should attend? First-time and experienced book writers. You do not need to have a complete book manuscript to write a book proposal, you can start drafting a book proposal even with a rough idea. You plan to send a book proposal in the next THREE years.

WHAT kinds of books? Single-authored and co-authored books; edited books; academic and trade books.

HOW much time commitment? We aim to meet once after grades are due in May to set goals and timeline for the group. We will meet again in late August before the fall semester to share the fruits of summer. During the semester, we aim to meet at least once.

Is it a PERMANENT group? Group members can join and leave at any time. Even if the book proposal is sent and accepted by a publisher, group members can remain in the group to read over others' proposals.

WHY should I join? 1. Book editors are intelligent, well-read people who may not be your subject specialists. Your peers from other disciplines are able to give you an outsider's perspective; 2. Writing a proposal, more so than writing, is a lonely process. Sharing it in a group keeps you interested and motivated; 3. Or as simple as learning about what your colleagues are doing!

Potential ACTIVITIES: 1. Setting personal goals; 2. Understanding publishers' guidelines; 3. Giving and receiving feedback on proposal drafts.

What WILL NOT take place: 1. Giving and receiving feedback on the manuscript; 2. Information giving (i.e. no one will present the "how to" do it although book titles can be suggested); 3. Dealing with writing for journals, edited books, newspapers, and so on.

Interested please RSVP. The initial meeting will be scheduled for sometime after grades are due (5/6).