• Teaching & Technology Workshop Series

Adventures in the Flipped Classroom
Wednesday, October 31st, 2-3:30pm

Two years ago, MJ Pelletier began designing and teaching online versions of two notoriously difficult, comprehensive accounting courses. An admitted a technology geek, she began exploring ways to better leverage time and technology, knowing that a 2.5 hour live class could not be adequately taught in a 1.5 hour chat room. Following the lead of Khan Academy and the growing trend in self-paced video learning, MJ set out to redesign her live class in a format that would work for online students. She is beginning to implement similar techniques in her live class beginning this Fall. Come share her adventures, setbacks, learning moments, and advice from the "school of hard knocks" in how to redesign your course using the wealth of technology that is currently available. 

MJ Pelletier, Instructor, Accounting

Your Voice Sounds Fine: Using Podcasts to Promote Learning Thursday
Thursday, November 8th, 1-2:30pm

Podcasts can increase the time and engagement that students give to their classes. Instructors can produce podcasts to record the proceedings of a class meeting, present course content for students to view at home in a "flipped" classroom setting, or encourage small-group study in a face-to-face course. Bring your laptop—we will demonstrate the mechanics of making audio podcasts and screencasts using applications that are supported at Suffolk for the Mac and PC. We will also brainstorm about how to integrate podcasts as tools for your academic discipline's courses. Prior to the workshop, pre-registrants will be sent links with (1) primary information about podcasts and (2) where to download podcasting applications. 

Eric W. Dewar, Associate Professor, Biology



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