Differentiation and Larger Classes
Tuesday, September 11th, 1-2:30pm

Do you teach a large class? Do find it difficult to effectively reach all of your students? This session is designed to address the challenges of teaching students with a wide array of learning styles and abilities in large classes. Participants will learn various instructional strategies that are designed to reach diverse learners without compromising the rigor of the course or requiring the instructor to teach the class 10 different ways. Participants will be introduced to the concepts of differentiated instruction and given the opportunity to apply those concepts to their direct work. Each participant should leave the session with at least three new strategies to implement into their classes.

Kirsten Behling, Director, Disability Services
Katie Linder, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

Student Teams in Class
Wednesday, September 19th, 10-11:30am

This 90 minute workshop covers a discussion and analysis of student teams in action from formation to implementing their objectives.We shall start by holding a mini needs analysis by asking participants to list some of their specific benefits/successes in using teams plus downsides and costs-what worked and what did not.We shall then cover the following areas to focus on using productive teams to meet outcomes.We shall cover team formation, team contracting to set roles, goals, norms, and tasks as well as decision making accountability, conflict management, team evaluation, and team meetings. We shall also use a case study A Team In Trouble. 

Tom Bernheim, Part-Time Lecturer, Management

Building a Mentoring Network

Tuesday, September 25th, 1-2:30pm

In this session, join your colleagues to learn more about how to strengthen you own mentoring network and to learn about some of the best practices for being a good mentor for your students. Participants will receive a “mentoring network map” to complete throughout the session.

Katie Linder, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

Teaching with Discussion
Wednesday, October 10th, 2-3:30pm

Using discussion allows us to teach our students in a way that will, among other things, “help them explore topics more fully, increase their mental agility, develop habits of collaborative learning, and affirm their role as co-creators of knowledge” (Brookfield & Preskill 2005, 21-22). In this interactive workshop we will “model the method” to explore how to use discussion as an effective means of engaging with students.

Danny Fontaine, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

Writing Across Borders: International Students as Writers
Monday, November 19th, 1-2:30pm
(***Please note that this has been rescheduled from 10/30***)

We will view the Oregon State University– produced documentary Writing Across Borders and discuss the role culture plays in teaching and learning writing. We will also discuss how to effectively critique international student writers and offer strategies for efficient and effective feedback and assessment.

Danny Fontaine, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching Excellence