Responding to Student Writing

Thursday, January 31st, 1-2:30pm

Come and participate in a fun and interactive workshop that focuses on strategies to provide students with useful feedback on their writing in ways that are time-effective for you. RSVP

Facilitated by Danny Fontaine, Assistant Director, CTE


Hybrid Course Resources

Wednesday, February 20th, 1-2:30pm

Are you interested in teaching hybrid courses but don’t know where to begin to look for resources to use? Are you teaching a hybrid course but want to find out more about potential resources to consult and include in your courses? In this workshop we will explore a variety of resources such as MERLOT, Carnegie’s Open Learning Initiative (OLI), online assessment tools, and various publisher resources. We will consider the benefits and challenges of using these different resources and discuss ways to incorporate some of these resources into your teaching. RSVP

Facilitated by Katie Linder, Director & Danny Fontaine, Assistant Director, CTE

Maximizing Mobile Devices for Academics

Thursday, February 28th, 1-2:30pm

So you have a smart phone or a tablet, or perhaps both. Do you know that you can use it to read your emails, text messages, or even your text books out loud? And in many different languages? Or that you can enable closed captioning? Come and learn about these and the other accessibility features and applications of your mobile device. All are welcome. Bring your favorite mobile device and stop by to get connected. RSVP

Facilitated by Kirsten Behling, Director & Andrew Cioffi, Assistant Director, Disability Services

Curriculum Design Workshop

Thursday, March 7th, 1-2:30pm

How can we make sure that a curriculum is “aligned”? What are the best questions to ask when designing program goals? How do we ensure that our students graduate with the skills they need? In this session, we’ll discuss these questions as well as explore best practices for structures to employ when (re)designing your curriculum. Additional topics will include how to differentiate between goals and outcomes, strategies for change management, and handling conflicts. RSVP

Facilitated by Katie Linder, Director & Danny Fontaine, Assistant Director, CTE


Tips and Strategies for Effective Grading

Wednesday, April 3rd, 1-2:30pm

What really is the purpose of grading? How do I ensure consistency in my grading? How do others across campus grade? What are some tips and strategies I could employ to speed up my grading, but not compromise the effectiveness of my feedback to students? These, and many more questions you might have about grading will be covered in this workshop sponsored by the CTE. RSVP

Facilitated by Danny Fontaine, Assistant Director, CTE