• Full-time & Part-time Students

Enrollment Status and Course Loads

Refer to either the undergraduate or graduate academic catalog for the minimum enrolled credits for full-time, part-time, and less than half-time course load.

All international students are required to enroll as full-time students.   

Students registered for non-credit co-ops through the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education are considered full or part-time, according to their placements.

Specific courses can also give students a full-time of half-time status by being enrolled in that one course. They are usually graduate courses and include:

Department Courses   Load
Economics     EC 901 & EC 999 Full-Time
EHS EHS 738, 739, 740 & 741  Full-Time 
GMBA GMBA 800 Full-Time 
Government GVT 899 & 958 Full-Time 
Study Abroad OC 001  Full-Time 

PSYCH 900, 777, 000, 778,

701, 811, 801, 001

Psychology PSYCH 802 Half-Time

Excess Courses

Any course taken beyond the normal full-time course load is considered an excess course. Undergraduate students should refer to the excess course  policy in the appropriate undergraduate or graduate academic catalog. CAS graduate students must obtain approval from their program directors for excess courses. SBS graduate students must obtain approval from the Sawyer Business School Dean’s Office.