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Suffolk University iTunes U Policies

Suffolk University provides access to the latest faculty research, featured speakers, and educational content, as well as information about the University, admissions, and alumni on its public iTunes U site.

Members of the University community can download podcasts or subscribe to have new podcasts automatically delivered to iTunes on a computer or iPhone by visiting Suffolk University at iTunes U. For more information on creating content for iTunes U, please review the following links.

Installing the iTunes Application

iTunes is available as a free download for PCs running Windows 7, XP or Vista, and for the Mac.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Download button and follow the instructions.

Restart your computer and launch iTunes to complete the installation.

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iTunes Administrator

The iTunes Administrator is responsible for the administration and oversight of the University’s public iTunes site including: review of all iTunes U Represenatives,  training for content creators, review of content, and Chairing the Suffolk University iTunes U Steering Committee.  Suffolk University’s iTunes Administrator is Jesse Sterling


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iTunes U Representatives

Faculty and staff interested in managing an iTunes Album or section of the University's iTunes site will need to complete the iTunes U Representative training.  To learn more about becoming an iTunes U Representative, go to the Responsibilities and Obligations of iTunes U Representatives page.

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Private and Public Content

Suffolk University maintains two iTunes sites: private and public.  Content on the private site is restricted to current members of the Suffolk University Community and may only be accessed through the University Portal and Blackboard.  Content posted to the public site is available to the public generally. 

Private Content

It is University Policy that all classroom or course related content may only appear in the private site.  Until further notice, entire courses may not be presented on the public site; however, individual lectures may be considered and approved by the iTunes Administrator for posting on the public site.   Faculty interested in offering course content on the private site should contact their Academic Technology Department for more details and instruction.

College of Arts and Sciences: x2002
Law School: x6285
Sawyer Business School: Elaine Garofoli x1112

Public Content

Faculty, staff or students at Suffolk University may create content for the public site.  Public site content may be educational or informational in nature regarding campus services and resources.  It may also include news and topics of interest to the general public.  Faculty, staff or students interested in creating content for the public site may contact the iTunes U Representative in their area for more information.

The iTunes U Representatives for the University areas follows:

Law School:  Jesse Sterling
College of Arts and Sciences:  Sandy Barry
Business School:  Teri Malionek

All other academic or administrative departments should contact: Jesse Sterling

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Compliance with University Policies

All podcasts must comply with the following Suffolk University policies:

All public content will only be uploaded upon receipt by the iTunes U Representative of a valid Suffolk University Copyright Release form.  A copy of each valid form must be delivered to the iTunes U Administrator.

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Posting and Removal of Content

Suffolk University reserves the right to decline or remove a podcast.  Some of the reasons include:

  • if the material is of poor audio or video quality;
  • does not further the mission, purpose or reputation of Suffolk University;
  • violates University policies and procedures; or
  • may be in violation of the law.
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Archiving and Preserving Content

Although Suffolk University will facilitate posting of content on the iTunes U site, it will not be responsible for ensuring that content is preserved or archived. Material posted on the iTunes U site resides on servers that are not owned or operated by Suffolk University. Therefore content providers must ensure their content is separately preserved.

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Downloading Podcasts

You can download podcasts, or you can subscribe to have new podcasts automatically delivered to your iTunes application by visiting Suffolk University on iTunes U. If you need additional information about using iTunes, a comprehensive help section is available when you open iTunes.

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Contact Us

If you would like to submit content to be considered for posting in the public Suffolk University iTunes U site, please contact Jesse Sterling, iTunes Administrator at

Last updated: January 2012

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