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The Center for Teaching & Scholarly Excellence Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants (TEALIGs) provide seed funding of up to $2000 to encourage new and innovative ideas designed to continue to improve and sustain the quality of education at Suffolk University. Awards support projects that directly enhance the learning experience of Suffolk students.

It is expected that awardees will participate in a showcase to highlight their accomplishments and/or learning, depending on the award, and disseminate their work to the Suffolk Community through, at minimum, a presentation at the Center for Teaching & Scholarly Excellence or the annual CTSE Technology Symposium. All awardees will be asked to submit a summary report (1-3 paragraphs is sufficient) detailing how their funding has been spent within two months of the end of the funding cycle. For additional information click on FAQ.

The TEALIGs have two funding cycles:



Fall Funding Cycle (for funds to be used January 1-June 25)

Spring Funding Cycle (for funds to be used July 1-December 31)

Application Due

October 15th

February 15th

Decision Received

November 15th

March 15th

Please submit all grant applications to Danny Fontaine by the deadlines listed above.

We invite proposals for grants within the following categories:

1. Open Educational Resource (OER) Development  - The CTSE encourages the development of teaching resources that can be shared across departments, colleges, or the university to enhance student learning. Faculty will be supported in designing such resources as video tutorials, audio podcasts, workbooks, problem sets, online simulations, case studies, or other educational tools that can be shared with members of the Suffolk teaching community.

2. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is methodical, evidence-based research about student learning in higher education. To support the sharing of innovative teaching and learning practices, the CTE will fund research projects that measure and assess the effectiveness of teaching strategies that are being newly implemented in Suffolk classrooms.

3. Travel Funds - The CTSE will devote some of the TEALIG funding to supporting faculty who wish to present at educational conferences. While we will consider supporting a single faculty’s attendance at a particular conference, our preference is to support faculty presenting on their own teaching innovations.

Eligibility: All full-time faculty from the three colleges are eligible to apply for a TEALIG. Please note that CTSE Advisory Board members are ineligible to apply for funding and faculty may not receive funding in back-to-back funding cycles.

Please note that we are unlikely to fund activities such as course (re)design or the design of new teaching activities (you are welcome to attending a CTE Course Design Institute for assistance with these tasks). Proposals funded in the past have been in support of projects that go above and beyond typical faculty responsibilities.

What are the TEALIG funding levels? Grants for categories 1 and 2 will be awarded up for $2,000 for an individual. A group of 2 or more may apply for up to $5,000. For category 3, an amount sufficient to cover registration, travel and accommodation will be awarded. Budgets may be approved in whole or in part. Faculty may apply for one category of award in each funding cycle. Funding received can be used only for the category of award applied for. All awards are subject to the availability of funds.

Please note: All applicants must include a budget with their proposals to be considered.

Payment for travel funds can be received through department travel lins. Payments for Categories 1 and 2 can be received through department lines or through salary supplement (taxes will be applied). Salary supplements cannot be prepaid and taxes will be applied. Questions regarding payment should be directed to Danny Fontaine.

Who decides the awards? The awards committee will be under the auspices of the CTSE, and will be composed of full-time faculty members from each of college, the Assistant Director of the CTSE, and the Director of the CTSE. 


For any further questions please contact Danny Fontaine, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching & Scholarly Excellence.


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TEALIG Information Session

Date: Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Time: noon - 1pm

Location: CTE, 12th floor, 73 Tremont Street


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