• Syllabus Design Resources

Syllabus Design Resources


Syllabus Components: Click on the links below for a list of necessary, recommended and optional syllabus components.

CAS/SBS Syllabus Components

Law School Syllabus Components

Syllabus Templates
: Use these ‘best practices’ templates as you (re)build your syllabus. Simply follow the faculty tips and instructions embedded in blue throughout the documents. Your resulting syllabus will include all the necessary components and utilize a format that improves students’ ability to find necessary information about the course, expectations, assignments, and schedule.

CAS/SBS Syllabus Template

Law School Syllabus Template


Tips for writing course goals and learning objectives: This resource guide will help you (re)write course goals and learning objectives. It explains how they differ, provides examples, and demonstrates how to align them with course assignments. A checklist is included to help you revise existing goals or learning objectives.


Sample Verbs for Learning Objectives: This set of verbs is a starting point for clarifying what you want your students to be able to do by the end of your course.


To offer feedback on your experience using the template and the supplementary materials, email Katie Linder at klinder@suffolk.edu