Battling Bias in the Classroom
Tuesday, September 27, 1– 2:30pm

Bias incidents are not uncommon in classrooms. Freedom of speech is not only important as an ingrained right in our society; it makes for lively debates and discussions, too. But what happens when that freedom crosses the line into bias? How does one maintain academic freedom while addressing incidents of bias as they occur? Join us to find out how you can create a safe academic environment for all students. Register Online

Jacinda Felix Haro, Director, Diversity Services

How to Deal with Conflict
Wednesday, September 28, 10– 11:30am

In this session we shall identify, analyze, and discuss options to resolve or manage students’ conflicts with other students, their task groups, and their professors. We will uncover causes, emotional triggers, and blocks that prevent productive outcomes and use helpful mechanisms to clarify roles, goals, and tasks upfront. Register OnlineTom Bernheim, Lecturer, Management

Writing Across Borders: International Students as Writers
Monday, October 24, 1– 2:30pm

We will view the Oregon State University– produced documentary Writing Across Borders and discuss the role culture plays in teaching and learning writing. We will also discuss how to effectively critique international student writers and offer strategies for efficient feedback and assessment.

Katie Linder, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
Elizabeth Stillman, Associate Professor of Academic Support, Law School

A Class Act: Teaching as Acting
Wednesday, October 5, 1– 2:30pm

At its core, teaching is a performance. Studies have uniformly shown that using dramatic techniques in the classroom enhance student learning and retention. This workshop introduces acting skills and encourages teachers to develop three essential tools: voice, movement, and emotion. Materials include elocution exercises, self-assessment instruments, and scripts.

Allan Tow, Associate Professor, Education and Human Services

Grading to Learn
Tuesday, November 1, 1– 2:30pm

In this workshop, we will examine common definitions of assessment, feedback, grading, and testing to better understand how assessment tools can help our students learn. Through discussion and a small group activity, participants will develop strategies to hold conversations with their students about learning. Participants will leave the workshop with ideas that may revolutionize their personal philosophies of assessment.

Katie Linder, Associate Director, Center for Teaching Excellence