If a letter or packaged is received:

  • Contact University Police at (617)573-8111 or (617)573-8333. They will contact the Boston Police Bomb Squad.
  • Evaluate the threat.Evacuate the area if necessary and upon direction of University Police, evacuate the floor, the floor above, and the floor below.

If a telephone call is received:

 Get as much information about the caller as possible.

  • Keep the caller on the phone as long as possible. Delay them.
  • Tell a nearby coworker to contact the Suffolk University Police at (617)573-8111 or (617)573-8333 and indicate that a bomb threat is being received.
  • If possible, transfer the call to University Police Dispatch at (617)573-8111.
  • See “Telephone Procedures Bomb Threat Checklist”. Complete the checklist to the greatest extent possible.
  • If an area of threat is specified, be prepared to evacuate specified floor, floor above, and floor below at University Police discretion.

Bomb Threat Protocols

  • Remain calm, be courteous, do not interrupt the caller
  • Do not discuss the threat in public
  • Do not touch suspicious packages, letters or objects
  • Do not start or repeat rumors

Unless Suffolk University Police or other bomb threat respondents request your help, leave search efforts to the appropriate authorities. If you find a suspicious object, report its location and any information you have to the Suffolk University Police immediately. Do not touch it yourself. Evacuate all students and personnel from the area of immediate danger as directed by the Administration or a designee.