• Teaching & Sustainability

A few tips for how to reduce your class’ environmental impact and incorporate sustainability!

  • Travel mugs: use them and encourage them
  • Paper efficiency: use paper sparingly, go for double-sided, and post information and accept papers online
  • Invite the Campus Sustainability Coordinator to speak with your students to raise awareness about campus initiatives
  • Reduce miles travelled: notify students in advance via email if class is cancelled so they don’t come to campus if there is no need

Save energy! 
      • Use daylight instead of electricity when possible 
      • Turn off equipment, such as projector when not in use 
      • Turn off equipment and lights when leaving vacant classroom

For more information on Campus Sustainability contact Erica Mattison, Campus Sustainability Coordinator
at 617-973-1145 or recycle@suffolk.edu

Check out the website - www.suffolk.edu/sustainability

Become a fan: facebook.com/SuffolkSustainability!