• CTE Newsletter~Excellence in Teaching Matters

The Center for Teaching Excellence is thrilled to continue the Excellence in Teaching Matters newsletter produced by the CTE with contributions from fellow Suffolk faculty and administrators. The newsletter provides topical information in various teaching areas to faculty at Suffolk University to celebrate and promote the growth of teaching excellence.


CTE Newsletter - Volumne 4, Issue 2, SP13 - Featured Article "Flipping Out in my Classroom", by MJ (Pelletier) Potvin, Instructor, Accounting

CTE Newsletter - Issue FA12- Featured Article "Teaching Chinese Students" by Mickey Lee, Associate Professor of Media Studies, Communication and Journalism 

CTE Newsletter - Issue SP12 - Featured Article "Maintaining Teaching Excellence While Balancing Research and Service" by Erika Gebo, Associate Professor, Sociology and Gini Mann-Deibert Assistant Professor,Sociology

CTE Newsletter - Issue FA11  - Featured Article "Tips for the First Day of Class" By Dana Rosengard, Assistant Professor, Communication & Journalism, CAS

CTE Newsletter - Issue SP11 - Featured Article: "A Class Act: Using Acting Techniques in the Classroom" By Allan Tow, Associate Professor, Applied Legal Studies, EHS, CAS

CTE Newsletter Issue - SP10  - Featured article: "Teaching Excellence: Not a Goal for the Faint-Hearted" by Krisanne Bursik, Associate Dean, CAS


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