Laurie L. Levesque is an Associate Dean and the Academic Director of Undergraduate Programs in the Business School. In her current roles she is rolling out the sophomore and junior components of the revised BSBA curriculum, heading the Chairs Task Force on Undergraduates Online Courses, working with the ePortfolio, planning a series of professional development workshops for seniors, supporting enhanced internship opportunities, refining assurance of learning for the BSBA, developing retention initiatives, working with student club leaders, and developing a series of other initiatives focused on undergraduate business education. Since joining Suffolk in 2001, she has been active in the governance and curriculum of the Business School as Chair of the Management Department and her leadership of the Curriculum Task Force and the Curriculum Implementation Committee, and membership in the Undergraduate Program Committee and the Provost's Curriculum Committee.
Laurie earned her Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University, where she was also a graduate fellow of the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and hosted workshops and teacher feedback sessions for doctoral students. While working on her master's degree in organizational behavior at the University of Hartford, Laurie helped launch Educational Main Street. EMS linked the university with three Hartford public schools, offering extensive tutoring services, after-school programs, teacher partnerships, and numerous other programs. Her BS in Business Administration and minor in Sociology are from the University of New Hampshire.

At Suffolk, Laurie has taught a variety of courses, including leadership and social responsibility, organizational behavior, interpersonal effectiveness, social cognition in the workplace, management science, global travel seminar to London, as well as mini-courses on creativity, group dynamics, and servant leadership. She has written three teaching cases examining workplace dynamics in emerging or small organizations. Her research has focused on the development of work roles in high tech start-up firms, opportunistic hiring practices, and psychological contracts and social networks in an emerging organization.

In her free time, Laurie travels, paints and sketches. She participates in charity wet paint auctions and is a member of several regional art groups.

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