What is a Mid-Term Feedback Session? 
A Mid-Term Feedback Session is a confidential method that uses small group discussion among students to provide learning feedback to the instructor.
The process takes about 20-30 minutes with the faculty member out of the classroom on a scheduled day.
Once a Midterm Feedback Session is requested, you will receive a form that allows you to provide us with additional details about your class. A CTE colleague will then visit your class and ask your students to respond to three questions:

1. What aspects of this course ENHANCE your learning?
2. What aspects of this course can be IMPROVED?
3. What could YOU (as a student) do to make the course better for your classmates and the teacher?
The information gathered will then be correlated into a confidential report for the teacher. Once the report is ready, a debriefing session is scheduled with a CTE staff member to discuss the results and brainstorm ideas for the class.

Research has shown that faculty who conduct mid-course feedback and have a consultation raise their teaching evaluations and improve learning.

If you would like more information please contact Christina DiRico at 617-573-8222 or cdirico@suffolk.edu



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