The Center for Teaching and Scholarly Excellence (CTSE) provides leadership for the professional development of members of the Suffolk community as teacher-
scholars, administrators, mentors and leaders in three inter-connected areas:
  1. Cultivating outcomes-based, student-centered learning through best practices and innovative teaching;
  2. Strategically integrating teaching, learning, and technology; and
  3. Fostering scholarly productivity and collaboration.

The CTSE will provide a supportive space to cultivate communities, conversations, and collaborations within and across disciplines and colleges that simultaneously advance individual and group professional development opportunities while increasing the success of Suffolk’s students.

Our Values

Collaboration: providing a space where collaborations are developed, cultivated, and encouraged within and across disciplines and colleges.

Community: fostering a sense of community for Suffolk’s teacher-scholars that promotes professional development and the sharing of best practices.

Innovation: supporting faculty in the cultivation of engaged student-centered learning through innovative, creative, and scholarly teaching.

Integration: promoting the integration of teaching, research, and technology for improved efficiency, enhanced learning outcomes, and increased productivity.

Learner and Learning-Centered: encouraging student-centered approaches as well as life-long learning and professional development experiences for teacher-scholars at all career stages.

Research-Based Practice: endorsing scholarly teaching and assessment, the use of proven best practices and rigorous methodologies in research, and the habit of informed decision-making for campus leaders.


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