Web 2.0 Course Design

Second Site: A Journey Through an Ethereal Classroom
Adam Glesser, Assistant Professor, Math & Computer Science, CAS

What an Online Syllabus Can Do That a Paper Syllabus Can’t
Gerry Richman, Professor, English (CAS)


Paperless Courses

Technology Brings the Past to the Present: Using Blackboard as a Conduit for Archival Documents
Ken Cosgrove, Goverment, CAS
Julia Howington, Moakley Archives


Innovation in the Classroom: A Live Case Study or Digital Disruption of the Publishing Industry
Mitch Weisberg, Management, SBS

Social Media

Friending 101: The Role of Facebook in Legal Education
Kathy Vinson, Law School & Meagan Agnew, Law

Say “YES” to Social Media: Innovative Approaches to Student Engagement and Peer-Centered Learning
Nina Huntemann & Cidney Carver, Communication & Journalism


Online Courses: Getting Started

Dipping My Toe Online: Lessons Learned by a First Time Online Teacher Discovering, Combining, and Leveraging Technologies
MJ Pelletier, Accounting, SBS


Innovative Data in Business

The Technology Behind Business Intelligence and Data Mining
Billy Mee, ISOM, SBS

Assessing Political Feasibility: An Analytical Model
Alberto Zanzi, Management, SBS