Blogs & Learning

The Use of a Blog to Connect Citizens and Government, School and Community
Brenda Bond, Public Management, SBS

New Landscapes: Using Social Media to Teach Research Writing
Elaine Pascale, Second Language Services


Podcasting & iTunesU

Enhancing Learning in Science Courses with Podcasts
Eric Dewar, Biology, CAS

Let it Flow: Using Podcasts in the First Tax Course
Brigitte Muehlmann, Communication & Journalism, CAS


Making the Most of Classroom Technology

A Beginners Guide to Effective Use of PowerPoint in Teaching
Andrew Beckerman-Rodau, Law School

The Use of Blogs, Blackboard, Podcasts, and Lego Mindstream to Enhance Learning
Lisa Shatz, Electrical & Computer Engineering, CAS


Interactivity in Online Courses

Promoting Technological Skills in an Online MBA Elective
Michael Arthur, Strategy & International Business, SBS
Bill O'Neill, Dean, SBS

Discussions that Matter: Making Discussions More Meaningful using the Discussion Board
Jodi Detjen, Management, SBS


Visual Technology

Using GIS as a Tool for Teaching Environmental Science
Matthew Leibman, Chemistry, CAS

Designerly Ways of Thinking: How Process Based Learning Enables non-traditional designers to think spatially and visually
Sean Solley, Assistant Professor, Interior Design, NESAD