• University Mark

A new iconic mark has been developed in order to acknowledge a new era in the University's history and to capture our traditions and aspirations. The icon that has been selected is the tower and dome of the Rosalie K. Stahl Center at 73 Tremont Street.

Correct usage of the mark is important to ensure the integrity of the University’s image through its communication efforts and therefore must reflect the highest level of quality. The following guidelines have been developed to help you ensure this quality and to facilitate effective and consistent usage of the mark.

Download the University mark and logotype for use in print or electronic communications.

General Usage Guidelines
When using the University mark on publications, it should be featured prominently, not hidden among other graphics or used in a pattern. The mark may be used alone or with the Suffolk logotype. University mark artwork may not be altered in any way.
  • The mark should be no smaller than 3/4 inch in height
  • There should be space equivalent to half the width of the mark around the entire mark. The space around the mark increases proportionally to the size of the mark.
  • The mark may only appear in one of the designated University or school colors, in black, or knocked-out of a background color. No gradients may be used.
  • The mark may not be cropped, rotated, squeezed, stretched, or framed.
  • The mark may not have added text overlaid or placed close to it.

To facilitate correct usage of the mark, please review these illustrations of incorrect usage.

Using the Mark and the Logotype Together
The mark and the logotype may be used independently or together. If used together, there are two possible options: the mark may be placed centered above the logotype or it may be placed to the left of the logotype. The may be no size adjustments made to the mark or to the Suffolk logotype in relation to each other, and no other configurations are acceptable.

The Office of University Communications is available to assist with University mark usage as needed. If you have questions about using the mark in your project, contact Donald Suthard(dsuthard@suffolk.edu) or Kathleen Peets (kpeets@suffolk.edu).