DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education, by Anya Kamenetz
Facilitated by Elaine Garofoli, Academic Learning Technologist, SBS

"Anya Kamenetz takes the reader on a journey through the challenges and opportunities facing the American education system. Her compelling narrative brings alive a thoroughly researched description on the history (and future) of the university. She provides not only a thoughtful critique of American academia, but also provides creative solutions as well as provocative advice on how students should take control of their own educational future." —Mike Dover, coauthor of Wikibrands: How to Build A Business in a Customer-Controlled Marketplace Register Online

Teaching What You Don’t Know, by Therese Huston
Facilitated by Eric Dewar, Assistant Professor, Biology

In this practical and funny book, an experienced teaching consultant offers creative strategies for dealing with typical problems. How can you prepare most efficiently for a new course in a new area? How do you look credible? And what do you do when you don’t have a clue how to answer a question? She offers tips for introducing new topics in a lively style, gauging students’ understanding, reaching unresponsive students, sustaining discussions when they seem to stop dead, and dealing with those inevitable, impossible questions.  

Inspired College Teaching, by Maryellen Weimer
Facilitated by Susan Alessandri, Assistant Professor, Communication & Journalism

The acclaimed education author, experienced college teacher, and editor of The Teaching Professor posits that a college teacher’s growth should be seen as a journey and shows how this career-long quest can be just as exciting as its destination. This ground-breaking work proposes activities that faculty can use across their careers to awaken their intellectual curiosity, develop instructional prowess, and maintain their motivation to teach with passion. 

The Art of Teaching, by Jay Parini
Faciliatated by Patricia Smith, Lecturer, Humanities and Modern Languages

In this memoir-cum-advice book for novice instructors, the author offers fresh tips on balancing teaching’s demands and the need to nourish one’s other, creative self. He deftly compares teaching to writing, illuminating both disciplines in a voice that will speak to every lover of literature.

Teaching Inclusively: Resources for Course, Department & Institutional Change in Higher Education, edited by Matthew L. Oullett
Facilitated by Debra Harkins, Associate Professor, Psychology

Contributors to this collection of essays offer insights for those looking to enact diversity-related change processes in the classroom to engage students. The book includes theoretical models as well as real-world case studies of how various campuses are addressing multiculturalism at all levels. Oullett and his contributors aim to expand readers’ definition of diversity and to provide them with resources for enriching their own pedagogy.