Are You Unintentionally Violating FERPA? Emails, Home Computers, and Other Common Problems
Wednesday, September 22, 1– 2:30pm

Teaching and technology have formed a bond. Indeed, there is a constant push to go “paperless.” Often, technology is embraced for its convenience and other benefits. Yet, there are common problems and pitfalls when using technology in an academic setting. How can academics communicate with students online and incorporate new technologies into teaching without violating FERPA?   

Deanna Arden, Lecturer, Paralegal Studies, Education and Human Services

A Class Act: Teaching as Acting
Tuesday, September 28, 1– 2:30pm

At its core, teaching is a performance. Studies have uniformly shown that using dramatic techniques in the classroom enhance student learning and retention. This workshop introduces acting skills and encourages teachers to develop their three essential tools: voice, movement, and emotion. Materials include elocution exercises, self-assessment instruments, and scripts. 
Allan Tow, Associate Professor, Education and Human Services

The Inclusive Classroom: Effective Approaches to Diversity
Wednesday, October 13th, 2:00-3:30pm

Video presentation of a diverse classroom and an instructor’s efforts to be inclusive will be the focus of a discussion, sharing methods of managing cultural differences in our courses. 

Felicia Wiltz, Associate Professor, Chair, Sociology
Paul Korn, Professor, University Counseling Center

Solving the Riddles of Student Motivation
Tuesday, October 19th, 1-2:30pm

We all have been perplexed by the actions (and inactions!) of students. In this discussion based workshop, we will review research on student motivation and identify strategies that can help address the challenges that unmotivated students present.   

Mike Dickinson, Director, Ballotti Learning Center

Classroom Conflict: A Clash of Wants and Needs
Friday, November 5, 10– 11:30am

In this session we shall identify, analyze, and discuss options to resolve or manage students’ conflicts with other students, their task groups, and their professors. We will uncover causes, emotional triggers, and blocks that prevent productive outcomes and use helpful mechanisms to clarify roles, goals, and tasks upfront.  (CANCELED)

Tom Bernheim, Lecturer, Management

The Highs and Lows of Implementing Service Learning Team-Based Projects
Wednesday, November 10, 1– 2:30pm 

This workshop’s facilitator will share her experience with assigning this kind of project to her science students. Issues covered include slackers, bossy team leaders, and the pros and cons of having students present to external audiences. (CANCELED)

Lisa Shatz, Chair & Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering