Android Operating System

These instructions are provided as a service only. They apply specifically to the Motorola Droid2, on a Verizon data plan, using the Android 2.2 operating system. They may or may not apply to other devices using the Android operating system, regardless of whether or not they represent that they are compatible with Microsoft Exchange.

Suffolk University does not support email, Microsoft Exchange, or other services or applications on mobile devices using the Android operating system. Applications may be available online to enable syncing of some Android devices with Microsoft Exchange. If you have questions regarding the use of an android device, please contact your service provider.

  1. Touch the Launcher icon to view your apps.

  2. Locate and Select the My Accounts icon.

  3. Select Add Account.

  4. Under Setup accounts, select Corporate Sync.

  5. Enter the requisite information for Microsoft Exchange.

  6. In the field for Domain/Username, enter the domain,, followed by a slash and your username. Your username is the portion of your address that precedes the @ symbol. Select Next.

  7. Enter your password, exactly as you would when logging in to your email account. Select Next.

  8. Enter your email address, then enter the server name: Select Done.

  9. Review your information carefully before you select Next. A single typo here will cause your setup to fail, and you may have to start from the beginning. Note that if there is an error, the description may or may not reflect the actual problem, and this is the point where you are most likely to get an error message.

  10. The device will begin to add your account.

  11. You are likely to see this message. It appears because the operating system is unable to read the server certificate properly. This is an identified problem with Android devices. You will need to select Disable Verification if you wish to continue. Note that some android devices will simply fail to connect at this point. If that happens, you should consult your service provider.

  12. If this is successful, the device will continue to process your account. Depending on your connection, it may take a few minutes.

  13. When the setup is complete, you will see this message. Select Done.

  14. You will now be able to see your newly set-up account. Select the account.

  15. Select the services, email, calendar, and or contacts, that you want to use.Your Account name, as it appears to you on your phone, will probably show up on this screen as Suffolk. You may change it to your own name if you wish.

  16. You will now have access to your UMail account and its folders, as well as the calendar and contacts functions if you so choose, on your phone. They will sync automatically. If you have additional questions about syncing, consult your user's manual or contact your service provider.